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  • Kz extra

    Hi im starting using extra. How are you doing it ? Day/night? Turn off skimmer? Every day? Thanks

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    Significantly improve various colors.
    Greatly improve coral growth.
    Significantly improve vitality.
    Dosage: 1 ml per 25 gallons per day.
    Can be used at any time, no morning and evening regulations.
    No need to close skimmer.
    Starting from 1 to 2 doses per week, the appearance of the coral changes and the dose frequency is adjusted. Low malnutrition is used well.


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      I got out of date bottle of extra not opened. Can I still use it? After opening should it be keep in fridge? Thanks


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        I cannot guarantee the product 100% like you, if it is well sealed and the appearance (liquid) is normal, then there should be no problem. Zeo Xtra does not require refrigeration. Refrigerated products are: Zeo Bac, BioMate, CV. Recommend to store the products in the temperature range of + 4 degree C to + 20 degree C which would be + 39.2 degreeF to + 68 degreeF.