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  • New aquarium project

    Hello, I was thinking of a new tank and I wanted to have some opinions. The tank is a 50x50x50 cube. I wanted to use the zeovit method. My questions are:
    1- The best position for water movement pumps?
    2- If I want to use rocks taken from two different aquariums, how should I treat them? Do I have to boil them to sterilize them?
    3- as a technique for the zeovit system is only a skimmer and a zeolite reactor ok?
    4- as a starting point you just need zeolite, coal, zeobak, zeofood, zeostart 3 right?
    5- once the pool has started can I join the rocks of the smaller tank to these or not?

    Thanks to everyone who will give me advice.

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    1. Do not understand the meaning. Usually taught to professionals, or plan the format in the sump, most of the water pump is in the lowest water level (and automatic water replenishment)

    2. It is recommended to use high quality live rock, which is very good

    3.Usually in the sump, filter socks, skimmer, zeolite reactor, activated carbon bag, this is enough for ZeoVit system

    4.Yes, the new version recommends Zeo Sponge Power. ZeoFood can be added later with low malnutrition

    5. Before starting the Zeo system, it should be better to get things ready.

    # 7 in the link has a very detailed description, you can refer to it