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Po4 iron Based remover?

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  • Po4 iron Based remover?

    Hi everyone my phosphate climbed rapidly to 0.26 and started experiencing bleaches and an infestation of briopsies
    Would you recommend using a Iron based Po4 Observer To help lower phosphate levels I have Fauna MarinS aluminum based and iron based observers what are your thoughts on the subject?

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    Why phosphate will climb to high data quickly, can you tell me the reason? Is the flow rate per hour of the zeolite reactor correct, and what is the dosage of the Zeo basic product?


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      I’m guessing that the phosphate is being reached out from my live rock it all started since the last media change my reactor is working 700 L per hour
      My tank volume at 630 L of water I add 1.5 mL of zerostart 3 every day
      Shake the reactor once every couple days
      zeobak 3 times a week
      zeofood plus 3 times a week
      Coral vitalizer almost every day
      amino concentrate almost every day
      lps amino 4 times a week
      b balance 2 a week
      Pols extra 2 times a week
      k balance 2 times a week
      coralsnow 3 times a week
      bio mate 3 times a week
      iodine 1 time a week
      iron once every 2 weeks
      Macroelments once every three weeks
      sponge power every day
      acro glow every day
      flatworm stop every day
      kaliumiodid 2 times a week
      Reef roids one a week
      Esv 2 part
      now that a wrote it all down I looks like I’m adding way to much lol


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        Thank you, the dosing does not seem to be a problem. Do you have the opportunity to present the current signs of coral in pictures


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          This is a bit after coral snow and a water change sorry for the quality


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            Thank you. Before determining the source of phosphate, nutrition and elemental products looked much larger, and coral tissue looked darker. Some corals seem to be TN. For the system, if my understanding is correct, the reactor flow rate is about 600 liters per hour. Check the Kh, Ca, Mg, K + levels, evacuate the sand, and replace the water to refresh the balance. Zeo product 1 drop / 1ml = 25 US gallons. What brand of activated carbon is used?


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              Can you please tell us something more about your system ? It would be interesting how old the system is and when you have started to use ZeoVit, also how high PO4 was before it started to increase. Please also tell us something more about your rocks, where they where coming from, how old they are etc.

              There must be a reason why the PO4 has increase suddenly, have you changed anything else (equipment / tubing etc.) before you have observed the increase ?

              Which kind of carbon and zeolite do you use ?

              Basically using PO4 absorbers beside ZeoVit can cause problems, main reason are the quick change in the PO4 level so it would be better to find the reason and fix it instead of working on the result.