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  • About to start a new tank


    ​​I have read a lot of threads saying that it is advisable to start a tank with "live" rock

    ​​​​​​I have two questions

    1. Can you start zeo with 100% dry rock and if so is there any modification requires to the 14 day cycle regime

    2. Is it better to follow a standard cycling regime and what products would you use from the zeo line to follow the standard 6~8 week ammonia/nitrite cycle such as placing a bottle of bak and cyno clean in to start of the biological micro-organism build uo

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    The system can be also used for tanks which do not use live rock but the cycle will take much more time. It is also important to use rocks which do not leach harmful substances or nutrients.

    The cycle method is the same as described over here:



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      OK thanks

      My system will be around 800 litres which I will be using 2 litres of zeolites.

      I am looking at my flow rates needed to look at pumps and the information says 200 to 400 litres per hour per litre of zeolite which would suggest I am going to need flow rates exiting the reactor between 400 and 800 L/hr this is a wide range of flow. Do you suggest sticking to the middle of say 600l/hr


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        The reactor flow should be 400 liters per hour for each 1 liter ZeoVit so if your system has a net water volume of 800 liters use 2 liters of the material with a reactor flow of ~ 800 liters per hour.

        Keep in mind that the material will speed down the reactor flow created by the pump massive so measuring the output of the reactor is what I would recommend. You can collect the water from the reactor outlet for 30 seconds with a small container, than multiply the volume of water with 120 and you will get the output per hour.