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  • ZeoVit directions

    I just started dosing some zeovit addictives and I am a little confused. The bottles say one way of dosing while the pdf file says differently. Can someone help me out in properly dosing?

    thank you

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    Zeo products are mostly in a dose of 1 drop or 1ml = 25 US gallons per 100 liters, and the frequency varies depending on the adjustment. Are you going to establish the tank's 14-day cycle?


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      I was looking at using Coral Booster, Coral Vitalizer, Pohls Xtra, amino acid, sponge, and flatworm. My tank is a year old with a Refugium already.


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        Coral Booster, Coral Vitalizer, Pohls Xtra, Zeo AA, Zeo Sponge Power, Flatworm, these products are 1 drop or 1ml = 25 US gallons. Zeo Sponge Power is the basic product. The new version recommends @ 1drop / 25 US gallons every other day. Basically, the rest of the products (coral health and food and coloring products) are used in a low-nutrition environment with good results. And adjust the dosage according to the appearance of the coral. If the water quality is low in malnutrition, usually @ 1 drop per week or 1ml / 25 US gallons x2 per week, very good


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          Ok. Thank you for your help.


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            Welcome to !

            The dosing quantity does also depend to the nutrient concentration, the quantity of consumers (corals) and the look of the corals so it might be individual different.

            If you provide some more details about your system and the corals it would be easier to help.