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Thinking about KZ Additives - Full Zeo or not

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  • 1 week later and po4 has not reduced. It is now at 0.03. I purchased a new nitrate test kit and nitrate is at 1ppm.

    I am under the assumption that these numbers are ok but just wondering if you had any further advice. Corals look ok, not much change and I have a little algae growth. Polyp extension could be better. Cleaning of the glass is slowly reducing,

    Still only dosing Zeobak, Zeostart 3 (2x 0.2ml/day) and biomate.


    • Hello Abubrey, can you please post your actual dosing regimen, the actual K+ level and a list of all korallenzucht products you already have also which kind of carbon do you use ?

      I have personally not seen a difference in the look of the corals with if the PO4 level was 0.02 or 0.00 mg with a photometer but keep in mind those instruments do have tolerances also.



      • Sure. As a reminder my tank is 230l net. I dose as a 200l tank as it makes calculations easier.

        I am currently using 500ml zeolites (155lph), Zeobak 2 drops 2x a week. Biomate 4 drops 2x a week, Zeostart 3 0.2ml x2 a day.

        I have Sponge Power, A-balance, Amino Acid HC, Amino Acid LPS, Coral Vitalizer, Zeofood Plus. I will be getting Pohls extra soon.
        After a 20% water change yesterday, Nitrate is now 0 and po4 is still 0.03. Potassium is 400 and has remained stable for weeks through water changes and dosing of a Potassium supplement.

        I use Red Sea Carbon at the recommended dose in a filter bag in the sump. I've used this carbon for a while and achieve good results with it.

        Thank you for your advice regarding po4 levels and I will not concern myself further with this unless it rises up further.

        Any advice of any products worth adding at this point would be great.
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        • The reactor flow is still to low, I would increase it to 200 liters per hour. I can not say anything to the carbon, never used it but many carbon brands can have a negative impact to polyp expansion, this is why I have asked. To find it out you can try to use a different brand, for example korallenzucht to see if this makes any difference.

          SpongePower has a positive side effect to the biology, I would recommend to dose 2 drops every other day additional, also 1 drop AAPC 2 – 3 x weekly.



          • Thank you. I have used red sea carbon many times before and it has never caused an issue before. When this tub runs out I will try the kz carbon as a comparison.

            I have increased the reactor flow to 180 litres per hour (measured) this is the most my pump will allow.. I will begin adding sponge power once the reactor flow has increased for a few days as i would like to assess the impact of higher reactor flow first.

            Is there a reason AAHC is preferred over Zeofood Plus?

            Thank you again for your help.
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            • ZeoFood and AAHC are two different products so you basically use both at the same time if you like to. If you notice a brown film reduce the dosing quantities or lengthen the dosing interval which usually does reduce the film again. If you like to dose ZeoFood additional 1 – 2 drops 2 x weekly should work fine.



              • Ok, that's great.

                I will wait for the tank to become used to the reactor flow before adding sponge power and checking on the tanks response. Then I will decide whether to add zeofood or AAHC first and again, check on the response.

                Thank you very much again.