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White film on glass

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  • White film on glass

    I've been running Zeovit system now for around 8 months. i'm seeing good coral growth and colouration, however, i'm getting a white film on my glass which needs cleaning daily. My tank is roughly 350L. i'm only dosing 0.3ml of ZeoStart (daily) and 3 drops of ZeoBack twice a week. This seems to keep my po4 @ 0.03 and my no3 <5.. I also dose 6 drops of Zeofood twice a week.

    Any idea what is causing the white film on the glass. Is it the Zeovit products or perhaps my lights are too intense?

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      Jacky is right, it is just some kind of a biofilm which is basically a sign for a healthy biology. You can try to reduce ZeoFood to see if it becomes less.



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        Ok thanks, good news this is a sign of a healthy tank. This bio-film is difficult to clean off even with a D-D Pro mag scraper. Its taking some effort to clean it off.


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          這種白色生物膜應易於用磁刷清除。以我的實際情況而言,玻璃杯通常每周清洗兩次。每天都不需要它。減少Zeo Food的劑量,每隔一天換成Zeo Sponge Power 3滴。如果此後營養水平保持穩定(未測量),通常每週兩次Zeo Bac和Zeo Sponge Power,則Zeo Start 0.05ml = 25 US加侖x 2。(我的意思是,營養不良水平穩定,Zeo基本產品的劑量減少了。)

          Zeo Bac 3 drops twice a week
          Zeo Start 0.3 ml x 2 daily
          Zeo Spong Power 3 drops every other day
          Zeo Food 3 drops once a week
          This is a readjustable dose after low malnutrition is stabilized
          Reduce nutrition, do not affect biology, improve biology

          interaction between ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart and Zeolite Filter Media (ZEOvit) Will produce "mulm". "Mul" released from ZEOvit material contains bacteria, which are used by corals as food

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