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SPS filaments spilled out

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  • G.Alexander
    Hello Chris, at night corals usually expand their polyps to the maximum which is a normal process however you are writing about filaments which is something complete different. Is it possible for your to post a picture ?


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  • c147258
    started a topic SPS filaments spilled out

    SPS filaments spilled out


    I have recently restarted my KZ system and the system looks to be running OK at for the month. I've put in new rocks. My nutrients are slowly reducing. The following are my parameters.

    PO4 0.09
    NO3 1
    KH 7.5
    CA 435
    MG 1350

    My sps is coloring up nicely. However, I get these filaments (guts) on 2 tips tonight. I had issues with burnt tips before. I am suspecting that this is a sign of burnt tips again.

    I was dosing only Zeostart3 daily 0.6ml x 2 per day, Zeobak 6 drops twice per week, Sponge power 6 drops daily for the first month. Recently, I've start dosing Coral Vitalizer 2 drops x 2 daily.

    I don't have a lot of SPS in the tank at the moment so I wonder if my dosing regime is causing this. I heard that tip burnt are caused by multiple things and I suspect mine are starving.

    PS: I do have a some leather corals in my tank.

    Thank you,