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  • Zeo reactor flow

    For a better reduction of po4 and nutrients with flow in zeo reactor: high or low?
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    Hi Andrea, to reduce both N03's & P04's evenly, it is best to cycle the zeolite reactor "on" & "off" at 3 hour intervals, using a timer. Be sure the stones remain submerged below the waterline when the reactor pump is off. To prevent "back-siphoning" of the reactor when it is not operating, a inline check-valve between the reactor & it's pump may be necessary. The recommendation for the reactor flow is 200-400 l/h for each ltr. of zeolite used.[use 1 ltr. zeolite for every 400 ltrs net volume]. Too rapid a flow through the reactor can be harmful to our corals, therefore, try to be as precise as possible to the guidelines based on the quantity of zeolites that you use. For example if you have a 200 ltr net volume in your system, you would use 1/2 ltrs zeolites in your reactor with a flow rate ~100-200 l/h. Bob
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