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  • SWU2

    Hi Everyone,

    Im wondering if any of the ZEO sponsors are supporting the upcoming Saltwater U?

    The Atlanta Reef Club introduced SaltwaterU in 2005 as a 1-day educational program. The event was held at Zoo Atlanta and included a full day of activities: speaking events, raffles, meals with our experts, and a regional coral frag swap. The speaker lineup included Eric Borneman, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Chris Hetlage, James Hrynshyn, Dr. Bill Light, Scott Michael, Ray O'Conner, Walt Smith, and Jeff Swanagan.
    The event was a great success for everyone involved, and it was evident that the ARC could bring more education to the public by expanding the event the next year.

    You may still view the 2005 SaltwaterU website.

    SaltwaterU TWO
    With the Georgia Aquarium, now the largest and "most engaging" aquarium in the world, opening in November, 2005 in Atlanta, it only made sense that the venue be held in cooperation with the Aquarium. The first major speaker and the kickoff party will actually be held in the Cold Water Quest exhibit, right in front of the beluga whales!

    This year, the event has been expanded to a three-day conference plus an additional excursion to Gray's Reef for both teens and adults. Speakers from around the world will be giving talks based on the findings from their ongoing research.
    This event is made possible by our sponsors. Eight arms of sponsorship have been setup, providing a range of sponsorships for corresponding exposure through advertising. The sponsorship will give exposure to all those that attend the event, visit this website, read the brochure, and to those that will be at the Aquarium during the event. Please visit the sponsor section for more information.

    All raffle donations are gratefully accepted, as long as they fall within the guidelines set forth. These donations are a great way to promote products and push exposure!
    I think it would be a great way to promote the ZEOvit method.

    System: 430ltr SPS ZEOvit system, Balling Method (Growtech), BubbleKing200, Profilux with LAN and Salinity
    Lighting: Dimmbar 54w T5: D&D and KZ mixture.
    Flow: Tunze 6060, Iwaki MX70 CL + penductors

    "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning"

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    Here's some more specific info about sponorship: (from this link)

    First Arm - $150
    * A personalized certificate for you, your family or your company in appreciation for your contribution
    * Name listed in Program book

    Second Arm - $250
    In addition to First Arm benefits you will also receive:

    * Upgrade to an Eighth page/business card listing in the program book (all artwork must be supplied in appropriate format in time for program book design and printing)
    * Name Listed on Website Sponsor's Page

    Third Arm - $500

    In addition to Second Arm benefits you will also receive:

    * Upgrade to Quarter Page listing in Program book
    * Upgrade to Website Banner (at appropriate sponsorship level)
    * Two Sunday Conference tickets

    Fourth Arm - $750

    In addition to Third Arm benefits you will also receive:

    * Upgrade to Half Page listing in Program Book
    * One Coffee Break Sponsorship
    * Upgrade to Two Saturday Conference tickets

    Fifth Arm - $1,500

    In addition to Fourth Arm benefits you will also receive:

    * Upgrade to Full Page listing in Program Book
    * Upgrade to Two Saturday & Sunday Conference tickets
    * Exhibitor Space (assigned per sponsorship level)
    * Listing as sponsor in Gray's Reef Pre-Conference Event Agenda

    Sixth Arm - $2,500
    In addition to Fifth Arm benefits you will also receive:

    * Upgrade to Two FULL CONFERENCE tickets (including Friday Kick-off party)
    * Promotional brochures (you supply) about your company put into conference bag
    * Logo Display on Registration Desk Banner
    * Upgrade to one Workshop or Speaker Sponsorship
    * Sponsorship of one Teen at Gray's Reef Pre-Event

    Seventh Arm - $5,000
    In addition to Sixth Arm benefits you will also receive:

    * Upgrade to Four FULL CONFERENCE tickets (including Friday Kick-off party)
    * Company Logo printed on Conference Bag
    * Upgrade to Sponsorship of two Teens at Gray's Reef Pre-Event

    Eighth Arm - $7,500
    In addition to Seventh Arm benefits you will also receive:

    * Upgrade to Six FULL CONFERENCE tickets (including Friday Kick-off party)
    * Sponsorship of Gray's Reef Pre-Conference Event or Friday Night
    * Reception, and Full Page Program Book Ad (Inside Front Cover or Inside Back Cover).
    * Upgrade to Sponsorship of three Teens at Gray's Reef Pre-Event

    Venue sponsor - $10,000 - ONE ONLY
    The Venue sponsorship include Eight Full Conference tickets, prominent name & logo display on all signage for Saturday & Sunday events, first choice of exhibitor space, top billing on the website sponsor page, website banner and Full Page (Back cover) ad in Program Book. All Arms have components subject to availability and will be given on a first come/first served basis.
    You do not have to attend SWU2 in order to make a contribution.

    After attending the event's first year (2005), I was greatly impressed, and this year will undoubtedly be even better. It doesn't take much to provide a valuable contribution and promote ZEOvit (as Josh said). If interested, please send an email to this address: [email protected]