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Ground Shipping ZEObak?

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  • Ground Shipping ZEObak?

    I'm getting ready to start ZEO and have everything ordered and just waiting on my reactor to be finished. My question is... Is it ok to ship ZEObak via ground shipping? I'm concerned as I know this product contains live bacteria and is supposed to be kept refrigerated. But what concerns me even more is that it is the middle of winter right now and if I had a bottle of bak shipped to me via ground it would for sure be subjected to below freezing temperatures. I would hate to start the whole ZEO system only to have it not doing anything because I'm using dead bacteria. But I would also save a considerable amount of money by not having to have the bottle overnighted. When the bak is shipped from Germany it is shipped either by boat or plane, so I'm sure it is subjected to some cold temperatures, especially in the air. It then sits in customs in Chicago for a few days. Not sure if it is sitting outside or inside, but if it is outside, it would definitely be subjected to below freezing temps. Then after it arrives at Captive Oceans it is ground shipped to the distributors. Once again, this would be a time when it would be subjected to freezing temperatures.

    What does everyone else think? Is it ok to have it ground shipped? I'm thinking it is since it is already subjected to extreme temperatures at different stages of the importation process. Are the rest of you having your bak ground shipped or overnighted?

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    ground shipped here..


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      Thanks Jeff, How far are you from CO. How long does the shipment take to get to you?


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        Well thats the deceiving part ground is only 1 day for me.... I have not heard though of anyone doing overnight for the bac.. When I first started the system I remember some peeps were not even refrigerating it in the beginning.. CV was another that people were not refrigerating in the beginning... Also a good smell test will let oyu know if its good or bad.. I actually used my old bac 9 months and it still smelled good.. Supposed to have a 6 month shelf life though ...


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          Travis, no worries.

          I have had mine shipped from Madison (when he lived in LA) so it took 4-5 days in transit.

          I got probably 5-6 of them like that from him, not problem.

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