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    My latest Tank has been up since Sept of 2005 it is a 130 72L"X18WX20H Gallon Acrylic which has the fallowing Equipment a Refug system, ASM G3 Skimmer and MRC CR-1 Calc reactor and a Red Sea Deluxe Ozone system. Hamilton 3x250 MH 14k Hamiltons and 2 80watt T5 adding accenttic lights. about 150 pounds of Live Rock not allot of coral yet do to my being new to the hobby hay I had to pay for all that stuff some how.

    I just ordered a new custom works out be 194 Gallons 72lx24Wx26H the reason for the added hight is I like a deep sand bed do to my fondness for fish like Jawfish, Zebra Darts I even like engineer goby's how ever don't have any in the system right now. I was talking to a member (Mike) on one of my Local clubs he referred me to the Zeovit system I am trying to see how much of my current system I can keep and what I need to get rid of from what he told me is the Ozone system will go that is fine because what I read Zeovit allows a more stable inviroment. I am thinking of slowly removing live rock and adding Zeovit is this is what you would recommend. I did get a very nice letter from Scott at captive oceans he recommended the fallowing. btw I jokenly threatened to shoot myself because of the already constant upgrading this was his reply. and sorry about the long letter thank you in advance and I would like to add I am one of those that loves fish I love coral as well but for me it enhances my fish and gives me a little piece of ocean in my living room. very important when you live in Michigan


    No need to shoot yourself, this is supposed to be a fun hobby. You will be fine in a 200 gallon tank with a G3 and MRC CR-2 (I think that is the one you have). To run zeovit successfully you will need to add but 1 more piece of equipment to your system. A zeovit reactor, you can build one or buy one from us. For you system if you have space in your sump I would run our Very own Captive Oceans ZEOvit reactor. They run $199 and will support a tank up to 250 gallons. All you will need is a quiet one 1200 pump or something that has a male threaded adapter on it. I use them b/c they are SUPER cheap. $19.99 at They are adjustable. You will need to set the pump to 150/gph and your set.

    As far as ZEOvit goes. I will put this together, this will last you through your first change of rock.

    First 4 weeks

    1 ½ bags of zeovit

    Small ZEObak

    Small Food7

    Small Start2

    After week 4 has ended you will need the following.

    1 ½ bags of zeovit this will now last you 6 weeks J

    The ZEObak should last you 8-10 weeks (approx)

    The ZEOfood7 will last you 15 weeks (approx)

    The ZEOstart2 should last you 15+ weeks (approx)


    ZEOvit $19.99/liter a liter is good for 100 gallons of water. I suggest 3 bags that will get you 10 weeks

    ZEObak $19.99/10ml Keep in the refrigerator.

    ZEOfood7 19.99/50ml

    ZEOstart2 $44.99/250ml

    ZEOreactor $199.00

    343.94 plus shipping $20 or so with the reactor. After that is all bought, you are looking at spending $30/month on the basic 4 to run your system. Most people run other additives as well. Coral Vitalizer, K-Balance, and PIF are what just about everyone use those 3. They are not necessary to run the system. But will help out a ton with Blues, Reds, and Yellows.

    If you have anymore questions please give me a call or shoot me a pm.

    Check out I am scottw on there a GREAT tool on there is aged salt he gives most dosing instructions, all of this is free of charge. Post your tank on there, etc. and he will recommend dosing for you.

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


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    Hi Dave, & welcome to Dave, the ZEOvit method simplifies an SPS reef, while maintaining the corals original colors It lower the nutrients while at the same time feeds our corals by the release of "mulm" from the zeo-reactor. If you plan to use the method, please read & understand all the stickies at the top of "General discussion-English forum. Within one of those stickies is the ZEOvit guide, precisely written by the foremost ZEOvit expert, Alexander ****. If you wish a zeo-dosing schedule, plz. complete the questionnaire "tell us about your tank" & post this here on this thread. As there are many experienced zeo-users here, plz. feel free to ask questions or express opinions as you desire. Bob
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    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Another MI reefer gone Zeo, we are all going to be over here soon.
      Don't forget your history
      Know your destiny
      In the abundance of water
      The fool is thirsty

      -Bob Marley (rest In peace)


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        Power to the MI reefers!


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          MR slowly taking over the World or at least ZEOvit get great support from Zeovit as well as MR members as well I can't go wrong! and of the people on my board that have gone zeovit I know it not just hype.. trust me these are guys can see though hype..


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            Hello Labman,

            Welcome to Zeovit! This is Mike from MR LOL and I am glad that I was able to help you. You will find the atmosphere here is also in the interst of cooperation and advancing the hobby for the greater good.

            Gary and Scott from Captive Oceans will treat you well as far as guiding you with what you need and answering questions. Aged Salt (Bob) is our in house Zeo Doctor (and a doctor by profession if I am not mistaken) and his advice and knowledge of the system are another force that help drive the great board we have here.

            Do not be afraid to ask questions at all. Another great thing is there are at least five members of Michiganreefers here to.... So you have some old friends as well as a whole group of new friends. As a fellow Zeohead you have now won an all access pass to the world of power reefing wherer the growth is great and the colors are cosmic!!