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  • 3rd Zeolith

    I suppose to change my zeolith last sunday. But the shipment came late. Therefore i have to wait till today to go to Fragfarmer and get some Zeolith. This is my third Zeolith. Here is my dosing routine.
    1.5lt of Zeolith change out every 6weeks. Reactor run 24/7
    1.5ml start daily twice a day for two weeks and .75ml till change of zeolith
    6drops of bac, food 7 every 3 days for two weeks and 1x a week after
    6 drops of PIF every other day
    4 Drops of AAHC daily
    I am waiting for K-Balance and CV which is on the way. How am i suppose to fit them into my dosing schedule?
    I already put a valve on my Grotech Zeovit reactor. I turn the water flow down to half so i figured it is around 150gph or little bit more.

    Water parameter
    Ca 390
    Mg 1290
    KH 7.7 (still chasing it, Hopefully it will stay at this level.)
    Nitrate 0 (i use the test strip, so i don't think it is accurate)

    By the way, i just bough 30lbs of awesome live rock from Eric (fragfarmer) I wish i know him before i buy all my LR. i will rearrange all my LR this weekend. Please any advice on my dosing or adjusting my water parameter is greatly appreciated.

    For some reason my corals are not open up like before. My Greenslimer don't look normal.

    I'm a quiter..... But i'm back now....

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    Hi Steve, you zeo-dosing looks fine, assuming your coral's appearance is satisfactorily. Once you receive K-B & C-V, dose K-B-1-2ml daily & C-V-12 drops daily Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Thanks bob.
      I'm a quiter..... But i'm back now....


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        Sorry Steve, I just read your last sentence Do your corals have no p-e? look "dry"? If so, increase AAHC to 6-8 drops in two doses, eg. 4 drops in the AM before the lights are on & 4 drops after the lights go outBob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          thanks for the advice bob. I'll let you know if it is getting better
          I'm a quiter..... But i'm back now....