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  • ZeoReefRookie

    I be needing help. I am currently awaiting indictment for the murder of several SPS corals. I have a 250 gal tank with a 60 gal sump approx. 450 lbs live rock. Korlin 1502 Ca reactor, ASM G-4X skimmer, 2 400w 20k MH, 2 96w 6500k pc's and 2 140w actinic VHO's. Ca = 450, Mag= 1400, dkh = 9.3, ph = 8.2, no3 = 0, po4 = 0, ammonia = 0, salinity = 1.025, filtration = filter sock in sump and the tank is 3 yrs old. With the Ca reactor and the addition of a larger skimmer I have noticed major improvements, namely my SPS coral quit dying. However, I am still having a hard time keeping my reds red and my blues blue. I am ready to start Zeovit with the sincere hopes of keeping my reds red and my blues to a minimun. Will you please recommend starting doses. Thank you.

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    Hi Joe, Jeff[gqjeff] will be by to give you your dosing scheduleBob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Joe, I am going to base these dosages on 200 net gallons.. If you feel you have more then 200 net let me know. Also you should bring dKH down between 6-8. Your Ca looks in good proportion to your dKH so lower the dKH and the Ca will follow. Also the MG is a little high and I would like to see that around 1250-1350. We are trying to emulate NSW levels as closely as possible with the zeovit method..

      OK here we go.
      Start off with 1.5-1.75 liters zeoliths at a flow of 100 gallons per hr per liter zeoliths and shake stones 2x daily. If you can cycle the reactor 3 on 3 off with the stones staying under water do that for the first few change outs. After your fist changeout at 4 weeks you can go with 2 liters zeoliths at a flow of 100 gph per liter or 200 gallons per hr. You have corals so lets take it slow for them to adapt. Start off with 1.6ml daily of start 2 over 2-3 doses if possible so roughly .5-.6 ml 3x daily. For bac and food dose 8 drops daily for the first 2 weeks then 2x weekly until the first changeout at 4 weeks. After the first changeout you will start with bac and food every other day for 2 weeks then 2x weekly... Carbon should be used at 1 cup per 100 gallons so start off with 2 cups in passive flow and knead the bag daily if posssible.. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Also PCV and AAHC can be used at startup. Dose PVC at 1-3 drops per 25 gallons daily and AAHC at 6 drops daily.



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        I noticed you didn't mention what you have for water flow.

        At one point I noticed some colonies would RTN in my prop tank that is plumbed to the same sump as my display system with everything in the display being happy and healthy... couldn't figure it out for a long time until I realized the only difference between the two systems was a few cheap $5 powerheads in the one tank and a bank of tunze 6200's in the other

        My point is proper flow is often overlooked when everything seems perfect but corals aren't doing well so if you haven't got proper flow already here's another thing that can be done to improve your success
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          Hey Jeff,

          Thanks for the dosing schedule. How do I lower the dkh...water changes?

          My tank has pretty good flow...1 tunze pump, 1 seaswirl, 6 return nozzles. I hope to continue to learn and grow...the only thing I know for sure is I still have a long way to go. Thanks to people like you I may have a shot.


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            Joe, you can turn your Ca RX off and monitor it.. When it gets to the desired level turn it back on and make adj as needed to keep it at the desired level..



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              That's what I like about you Jeff, you give me the K.I.S.S. approach. Nice!
              Thank you.


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                Tunze Wavebox

                Hey Jeff,

                Is the Tunze Wavebox a worthwhile investment?