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    I am new here and am interested in using the ZEOvit method for my 38 gallon reef tank. I am sort of lost on the dosing of certain things and would like to know a good dosing schedule. Also I would like to start keeping the tank seriously sps, so this seems like the perfect thing to use! As of now i have mushrooms, hammer coral, zoanthids, and a large colony of green star polyps. One of the reasons that i want to start using the zeovit method is because the tank currently has a BAD hair algae problem. Zeo would fix this, correct? So here are my tank specs:

    1. Gross water volume of your complete system (incl. sump etc.)
    about 40 gallons
    2. Net water volume (incl. sump etc.)
    32 gallons
    3. Are you using a CaCO2 reactor or other technique
    no, i plan on getting one in the future
    4. Are you using a PO4 reactor (how long, how long ago, etc.)
    5. Are you using Ozone
    6. Are you using UV
    7. What skimmer are you using (type, rated water volume)
    I am truly not sure, it pulls out skimmate and foams relatively well though
    8. What are your actual PO4 and NO3 levels
    PO4 i dont know... I will get a test for it though NO3 is 10ppm
    9. What are your actual Ca, Alk and Mg levels
    ca, not sure again,sorrly alk 9dkh
    10. What filtration method do you use (refugium, DSB, Miracle Mud, etc.)
    skimmer and live rock and live sand
    11. Type of light (Watt, color temp, how old, etc.)
    Compact FL, going to be replaced with either T5 or halide
    12. What corals do you keep
    Lps, softies (soon to be SPS dominated)
    13. Tissue color (light or dark)
    14. How long has the tank been running
    A little over a year
    15. Why do you want to use the ZEOvit system
    To get rid of the nutrient pools, get rid of hair algae and brighten corals
    16. Any supplemental dosing (type, amount, why, etc.)
    two part calcium alkalinity solution Can i keep using this until i get a calcium reactor?
    17. Live rock (how much, how old, etc.)
    40 pounds, year old
    18. Any present problems
    19. Problem description (tissue loss tips, tissue loss base, diatom bloom,
    algae, etc.)
    the algea is everywhere!
    20. What test kit do you use (how old, recently switched, etc.)
    Natureef and Aquarium Pharmaceuticals tests not about eight months old
    21. Present dosing, amounts and intervals (ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart, ZEOspur2, etc.) none yet

    22. Other water parameters and water stability (salinity, temp, etc.)
    temp is 79-80 degrees farenheit

    Also, should i dose AAHC and CV in the beginning or wait until stage two? And what would be the best reactor to use, can it be DIY?Thank You!!

    P.S. i also have xenia

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    Hi Reefin, & welcome to With the ZEOvit method, you will able able to lower nutrients to a point where the HA is starved-out. To keep SPS corals you must keep the parameters inline & stable whether you use ZEOvit or not. Therefore, Ca level needs to be >400<450, Mg level between 1250 & 1400, KH between 6-8, salinity 1.023-26. You'll need test kits for all the above as if anyone of these that are out of line can result in SPS losses, with the ZEOvit method. That's the big advantage of a Ca Rx. in that once it's dialed-in properly, maintenance of the correct parameters is easy. For a DIY reactor plans, please check our search engine:0 For your system I recommend the following:

    1)place 1/3 Cup carbon in a mesh bag, passively in your sump, kneaded daily & exchanged monthly.
    2)place 1/3 ltr. zeolites in a zeo-reactor with a flow rate through the reactor at no more than 35-40 gph. Cycle the reacor on & off at 3hr. intervals[use a timer] & clean the stones 1-2 x's/day when the reactor is "on". Be sure the stones remain below the waterline when the reactor is "off". A inline check-valve may be necessary to prevent back-siphoning. Exchange the stones every 6wks.
    3)dose 1 drop Bak & 1 drops Food daily for the 1st two wks. then 1 drop each 2x's/wk. Dose these near the reactor pump when the reactor is "on". Turn off your skimmer for 60min after dosing these. ZeoBak is refrigerated[as is Coral-Vitalizer]
    4)dose 3 drops Start2 2x's/day again near the reactor pump. It is not necessary to turn off the skimmer when just dosing Start2.
    5)optional but recommended:dose 1 drops AAHC & 3 drops C-V daily into your display tank

    Ask any questions, as there are many experienced zeo-users here, who are willing to help. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      OK cool, thanks Bob . I should build my reactor and order the Basic four within the next week or so.


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        Good, Reefin, maybe stabilize your system with ZEOvit for a few months before adding SPS. When you do begin, be sure to also begin AAHC & C-V, thnx. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          You definitely came to the right place to get rid of that algae... I had a similar problem and after 2 months of using the zeo system the algae is almost completely gone. Just follow Bob's recommendations and with a little patience you too will have an algae-free tank.

          - Jamie
          120 Gallon Oceanic; 2 IceCap 660 w 8 Geiseman T5; GroTech Zeo Rx; MTC Ca Rx; 250 Ext BK; 8 Drops Bak / Food; 2ml Start 2.


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            Tanks, that is definitely what i am going to do!!

            It's nice to hear of someone else who had my problem but overcame it with Zeo. Hopefully i will be as successful as you were


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              Zeo ordered!!


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                Good Reefin, beginning ZEOvit method is a exciting timeKeep us updated. Bob
                "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                  Zeo has arrived!!! I just need to pick up a few more things such as carbon and I will be ready to go! Thank you to everyone!


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                    Ask any questions as you proceed, Bob
                    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"