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  • Bob - A few questions?

    Bob - First of all no real problems here, more of an openning for suggestions. I was noticing some of that brown, almost detritus looking, algae in certain spots and reduced my dosing accross the board as follows:

    First, tank specs - 650+ gross, 500 gallons net

    Bak - 15 drops twice weekly
    Food - Same as Bak
    Start2 - 1.5 ml daily dosed in .5ml increments throughout day
    CV - 16 drops every day
    AA - 16 drops twice weekly
    Zeolites - 5 liters in two reactors with 2 liters new at each change out and 1/2 liter old, so I change out 2 bags each month, alternating reactors.

    Just wondering if you thought this seemed appropriate and what else you might suggest(including why). Oh yea, the brown stuff has pretty much gone away since lowering the Start2, which I did about a month ago from 2ml daily.


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    Mike recommended dosages for CV is 1-3 drops net 25 gallons.. You might go to 20 drops atleast of it. Also you might lower bac and food to 10-12 drops of each. How long have u been on the system and whats your PO4 numbers? Start2 looks good and maybe go daily on the AAHC at lower quantaties 4-5 drops daily.



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      Got it, been doing it since last Spring with a two month Hiatus in the middle. PO4 .o2 or so depending on the day.


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        Mike thats a great reading .02 po4 thats what I shot for with my current dosing schedule. I would lower bac and food then as excessive food can cause corals to darken. How are you colors on your sps? Any present problems at all with color light or dark?



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          Hi Mike, as Jeff mentioned, consider upping your C-V's dosage as over time, it will provide our corals will the extra energy needed for increased chromatoproteinsynthesis allowing our corals to colorize more, plus it is a food source for the bacterial densities, further fueling their effect on nutrient reduction & enriching the "mulm" released from our zeolites which can further be taken up by our corals.

          If your coral colors are good, Mike, I think your dosages are fine for now. One thing, Mike I've recently done is place 1/2 my carbon quantity in a reverse-flow canister on a MJ 400 pump & 1/2 still passively, with rotating one then the other on a bi-weekly basis. Also Mike, I really love the color glow my corals receive from weekly dosing 40-50ml Spur-ME with 25 drops of SPG. Plz. try this for a couple of doses & let me know what you think. Bob
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