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    I took Jeff Advice to lower my bubble count and the effluent. Also i only run my Calcium reactor 16 HPD, i also change the salt. I used to use Tropic Marin for my water change. Now i change over to Seachem Reefsalt. It is awesome

    Ca 400
    Mg 1290
    Kh 7.9
    Sal 1.025
    Ph is 8.3
    All my brown SPS slowly came back to it normal color and some . When can i start to use Spur 2?
    Here is my dosage
    Start 1.5 ml
    Food 6 Drops 3x week
    Bak 6 Drops 3x week
    PIF 6 Drops 3x week
    AAHC 4 Drops daily.
    Waiting on my CV and K-balance
    I'm a quiter..... But i'm back now....

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    Steve, everything looks good bro.. These are good numbers now its time for the corals to start to color up for you.



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      I change the water yesterday. While at it i was trying to crub the last couple patches of algea of the rock and may be shift the rock around a little bit to make it neat. Everything was fine till i finish changing the water, i was standing in front of the tank enjoying my work of art . All the sudden the big piece of flat rock on top flip i mean literally flip. All the corals on top plus and my special frags is all over the place. Took me almost 45 mins to get that big rock back to normal position. At the same time i notice one of my tri-color wild colony is bleaching. Is it because i put it up too close to the light? I see the part where it receive the most light turning white. but the polyps still green.
      I'm a quiter..... But i'm back now....