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  • pine cone fish

    Does any body have any info on pine cone fish,how hardy? temper ect.have chance to get one,any idea what they cost?thanks bob

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    $499... Here is some info on the pinecone fish as well..

    Bob, sent you a PM also...

    Peace, Jeff


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      I have kept several over the years. Once acclimated to a new tank they will usually eat well, mostly shrimp looking types foods such as krill, etc. If you are going to spend big bucks on one be sure it is eating before you get it. The one thing they do not tolerate in my experince is temp above about 84-85. I had one for years and one day the air conditioning in the room went out and the tank hit only 84, everything else was just fine but the pinecone was dead within an hour. They like more dimly lit tanks with lots of overhangs and caves, no bright MH for them. A really unique fish!


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        I agree with Mac, def a colder water species and lower lite from just reading this statement.
        "It has what appears to be a glowing smile due to the bioluminescent bacteria which inhabit the light organs found on the sides of the mouth." Also recommended range of temp is 72-78



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          CONE FISH

          Hey thanks for input guys.


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            I saw a pair for $600 in a Chicago store last week, interesting fish, however I know nothing about them.