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should i dose Ca, Mg to mixed water change water?

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  • should i dose Ca, Mg to mixed water change water?

    i've decided to switch from crystal seas salt to the IO/oceanic mix. i'm doing a water change tomorrow. 50% crystal seas, 25% IO and 25% oceanic. i've never dosed Ca or Mg before in mixed water for WC. i'm switching salts now and plan on doing about 3 more water changes after tomorrow, slowly weening off crystal seas, before going all IO/oceanic, and then starting zeo . my current parameters in tank are Ca 420, Mg 1200 and Alk at 8. i just mixed up and am going to wait an hour or 2 and then test the crystal seas batch, and then the IO/oceanic batch out of curiousity. do u guys test each batch of mixed WC water and dose if needed? i've never done this. i only use BIonic each morning in tank sump. i also dose BIonic Mg if needed, also in sump. Ca stays around 420, but if it ever drops a bit, which is not usual, i add alittle turbo Ca. should i be dosing WC water or just keep doing how i've been? thanks.
    92 corner SPS BB, 2X250W Phoenix 14K/PFO dual HQI ballast, 2X95W URI actinic VHO/Ice-Cap 430, Euro-reef CS6-2, Iwaki 30RXT return, 4XTUNZE 6000 on MC,22g sump,135lb Fiji branch/Marshall Is. LR/ tank up 4/16/03

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    Hi DMK i've been using IO/Oceanic mix for about a month now with no problems and very good results i do a 6 gal change every week and i use 4 gals oceanic + 2 gals IO due to the fact that IO is high in alk and in that way i balance out the mix and then dose B-Ionic as usual with no drop in ca,mg or alk my parameters stay within the zeo guide lines if when i do a test in my tank because of calcification of the corals what i do is adjust the dose of b-ionic.And of course i test every batch that i make prior to adding to my tank just in case.