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    hey i,m two weeks into 3rd zoilite change and have the brown slim bad.some days seems to be going away and then i think worse.age salt states 1mlstart 3x day.i have cut back to about i ml day and still have.corals good growth and color,any advise.just got my new skimmer from scott,hooking up now.going from two to one skimmer,scott states it will be big enough.but i've been skimmer good so i don't think skimming is problem,help aged salt.thanks bob h.

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    Hi Bob, the appearance of brown flim is a sign of Start2 excess. Dose just enough Start2 not to cause a slight brown haze on your panes. I'd reduce your Start2 quantity by 50%, & increase handle-cleaning your zeolites also by 1-2 extra X's, ie. if formerly once a day clean 2-3 x's. Bob
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