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Anyone heard of ELOS?

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  • Anyone heard of ELOS?

    Just came across this company:
    10x3x2 FOWLR (for now)
    RD12 return, 2 RD12 closed loop, wavebox with extension
    MRC kalkmixer

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    Hi Chuck, Elos is an Italian marine products co.--I believe David[Miguelito] has ordered one of their thin-sided glass aquariums. Bob
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      They are a "boutique" aquarium & supply company in Italy. Their stores look more like high end cosmetic stores. They pride themselves in ONLY making the best product possible. From co2 regs, to controllers, to food, to tests, to bacteria type filtration - and of course tanks & lighting. Their tanks are extremely high end, braceless systems. If you search around the site, they make extremely cool products and their tanks are beautiful. There is also an that has more pix.

      They are also very big in the high end planted tank hobby.

      I believe Elos is Sole spelled backwards - since their focus began with lighting.

      The US distributor is very nice, knowledgable and I think he'll be pretty successful in the states. I have a 48x32x20 low iron tank/stand/sump/skimmer/osmolator coming hopefully before the end of Feb. The skimmer is a modified venturi, I figured I'd give it a shot. I am very interested in the lighting also, but waiting to get some more info - and UL.

      They are also now a RC sponsor.

      Pretty neat little company, I don't think they want to become a huge, I think they want to keep the boutique feel going.

      Mostly I just like the unified/ultra modern look of the tank/stand. My wife hates the LFS look.
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        Oh you gotta check out their controller. With their sense of perfection - I have a feeling it might be one of the very best available, complete with light meters.

        Brulz DTOTQ is an Elos tank.


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          check out their stores:


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            Im curious as to how much their 160 system costs, wow those tanks are amazing.


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              I just noticed their logo on RC and did a little trip through their website, very cool. I think I might like to have them build my next system, depending on price. I don't mind paying for quality time we should hear more about them.

              Miguelito, let us know what you think and post pics of your system when you get it. I'd be very curious to hear your assessment.


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                I will for sure. I'll probably do something custom with them later as well. Just email or PM the Jesse on their sponsor forum. He's good to work with.

                I think timing should be about mid-March.

                I had a hard time deciding between the 120xl or the 160. 48x32x20 or 64x24x24 (about). I decided on width over length. I might also get a 80 that matches the 120xl and put them in the same room opposite each other. 120 for sps and 80 for LPS or FW planted.


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                  Can anyone tell me what do you call those square aluminium tubings they use for the aquarium stand/cabinet please?


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                    LFS? Some of these are from Interzoo and some from the Rome LFS.






                    EDITED>>> Deleted links since the site hosting them does not allow use of their gallery this way. GTR
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                      Doh. Sorry.


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                        No problem.

                        If you want those pictures to be seen you can link to that thread.... that's fine.

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                          Thanks Steve.



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                            And on the English forum as well. ;-)


                            Well I got my Elos 120XL System in and I couldn't be more happy with it. It is a true plug n play system. Within 24 hours of delivery it was uncrated, set in place, filled, sump connected, skimmer on, top-off system on, LR in. I needed a Phillips head. No Home Depot runs. The sump is great. I'm very impressed with the skimmer as well.

                            The system is approximately 48x32x20 and is AWESOME for aquascaping. I could NOT be happier with everything, including customer service. Elos will do very well in the US, IMO.

                            Pix to come later, promise!


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                              Here are some BAD pix of my Elos system. Just wanted to get a few up.


                              More here ...