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how many use korellan zucht reefer's salt?

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  • how many use korellan zucht reefer's salt?

    i know a few do. would like to hear from u guys and what u think about it. i would like to hear from anyone about what they use and how they like it. after being on this crystal seas, i want to make a good choice on switching and not look back. i narowwed my switch from crappy crystal seas to either IO/oceanic mix, seachem reef salt of the korellan zucht reefer's salt. i'm really not concerned w/ price. $100 is not that bad. if it's great salt like some say, it's worth it. thanks.
    92 corner SPS BB, 2X250W Phoenix 14K/PFO dual HQI ballast, 2X95W URI actinic VHO/Ice-Cap 430, Euro-reef CS6-2, Iwaki 30RXT return, 4XTUNZE 6000 on MC,22g sump,135lb Fiji branch/Marshall Is. LR/ tank up 4/16/03

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    I'm not very pleased of this salt. After the first water change with this salt, my corals began a slow base necrosis that has stoped with a water change with Instant Ocean. I don't run zeolith for the moment, so maybe that is why it doesn't worked for me.

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      We are using it in the 3000 gallon coral system. I hope to start adding coral in a month or so, we have 1500 lbs of live rock on the way next wed. I am using it in the 90 gallon cube and LOVE IT. Once you get down how to mix it the way you want it, its easy.

      Ask Alexander, he has been running it for a long while now, and he LOVES it.



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        Indeed Scott, I am on my fourth bucket which is near to 100 kg for the weekly water change in my 320 gallon system. I am more than pleased and can not tell anything negative about the salt.