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  • Reefermadness

    Hi guys...

    Is there anybody,the coral from reefermadness.u.s. buys?I would like to see a few pictures of the corals of there....
    On the website the corals are very colorful...

    Please...Please.....a lot of pics


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    Hello Stephen,

    I've bought a few pieces from RM before and I've been to their facility in person. Their corals are as colorful in person as they are in the pictures. They take those pictures under 1000W MH. I think that is the main reason why those pictures look so good.

    Only one of the Acros I've bought from them browned out, but the tips are finally coloring up now.


    ~ W


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      You can look at my gallery and see some pics. About 95% of the corals and clams are from RM, some of the fish too, but mostly corals. I think the only corals in the pics that did not come from RM are the Monti Caps. All of those pics were taken under 250 watt DE pendants with a mixture of 10000k and 140000k bulbs. I did not get quite the colors that Chris had, but still very good. I have since switched to 400 watt 20000k Helios which is what Chris is using and I do not see any real difference in coloration from the photos. I need to take some more recent photos, but I am waiting until my tank redo matures a bit. I lost about 80% of my corals to a pottassium deficiency that I could not figure out for months until I brought it up here and both Bob and G. Alexander helped me out. I have since switched salts and everything is now doing well. I just need the more recent additions to settle in adn find their place before I take pics. I recently got a Divaricata from him that is pie shaped, about 12" from the back to front, at least 8" across, and it is an even more vivid pink with white polyps now than it was when I got it. I also got a Cerealis a couple months ago that came in pinkish purple and has stayed that way. That is a real testament not only to RM, but also Zeovit since they notoriously turn brown before regaining a purple color in thier tips.

      Sorry for the ramble, but I really like Reefermadness and Chris and Kristine. I have known Chris since his days at Flying Fish Express and they have both treated me well over the years. I have a real hard time doing business with anyone else, even locally.


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        Mike thanks for the info...
        well,you had really nice corals and a beautiful tank.

        I think on the website from reefermadness are very rar species of acropora.
        Thats awesome!!! I have send a mail to the both.
        Many people from germany are interested about their corals.
        But,i know the order is only for US.