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Coral Vatilizer and Ozone

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  • Coral Vatilizer and Ozone

    Hey folk I just got CV yesterday from frag farmers and I wanted to know if its okay to use it with my ozone. Iam using a coralife 50mg at low setting. Will this kill the CV or can I still use it at the same time. Thanks in advance.

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    Mario, I am sure ozone has a impact to CV. If you like to continue your ozone usage I would recommend to switch the ozone off for one or two hours after the dosage. Same with Amino Acids.



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      Greetings All !

      Originally posted by Mchava
      Hey folk I just got CV yesterday from frag farmers and I wanted to know if its okay to use it with my ozone. ...
      Some random thoughts about the use of ozone with ZEOvit products and systems ...

      A little general background ... ozone is a triatomic form of oxygen which can be generated by electrical and photochemical processes. It is an extremely reactive oxidizer. Because it is an extremely reactive oxidizer, it can readily bind with a variety of compounds. Such a reaction typically alters the properties of the compounds with which ozone reacts. When ozone comes into contact with organic molecules, it tends to "rip them apart." If you're trying to kill bacteria, "ripping them apart" is a pretty effective way of doing it, hence the use of ozone as a sterilizer. Because ozone does not "linger" the way that chemical sterilizers can, it is to be preferred over chemical sterilizers in certain applications.

      In solution, ozone also alters the electronegativity of the solution ... it alters the reduction-oxidation (redox) potential. By altering the redox potential of a solution, you can change the tendency/likelihood of certain reactions, and biochemical processes, to take place. If you're trying to alter the oxidation state of certain chemicals to make them more likely to participate in biogeochemical processes (... like nitrification ...), dissolving ozone into the water column is an effective way of doing it.

      Some definitions ...

      Substances that have the ability to oxidize (Commonwealth English oxidise) other substances are said to be oxidative and are known as oxidizing agents, oxidants or oxidizers. Put in another way, the oxidant removes electrons from the other substance, and is thus reduced itself. Oxidants are usually chemical substances with elements in high oxidation numbers (e.g. H2O2, MnO4-, CrO3, Cr2O72-, OsO4) or highly electronegative substances that can gain one or two extra electrons by oxidizing a substance (O2, O3, F2, Cl2, Br2).

      Extracted From:
      Electronegativity: The ability of an atom to inductively pull electrons towards itself. The more electronegative an atom, the tighter it pulls the electrons. Commonly measured on the Pauling scale, the higher the electronegativity, the more strongly an atom attracts electrons. Note electronegativity is a characteristic property of a given atom.

      Extracted From:

      While it is true that the use of ozone has some typically under-appreciated benefits to the oxidation-reduction processes of nitrification and denitrification, one of the primary reasons that people use ozone is to alter the chemical structure of "stuff" in the water column so that the "oxidized stuff" is more easily removed by foam fractionation. I generally don't want my zeo-product "stuff" to be more easily removed before it has been fully utilized. Another of the primary reasons to use ozone is to "rip apart" (oxidize) the cell walls of bacteria. I generally don't want the nutrient-processing ZeoBak to be "disrupted" before they "do their thing."

      All my previous babbling about "ozone with zeo" can be reduced to this ...

      Originally posted by Aged Salt
      ... ZEOvit method reduces N03's & P04's while clarifying water to a crystal appearance & at the same time provides food[duff] for our corals. It is a specialized bacterial-driven system which depends on innoculation periodly with these specialized bacteria & their specific carbon source to promote colonization in sufficient #'s in order to carry out the function of purifying our reef water. I have seen pictures of a European zeo-reef using 03 so it can be used, but it is counterproductive to the ZEOvit method that one is emploring & therefore, not necessary. HTH, Bob

      JMO ... HTH
      "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
      Hunter S. Thompson


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        Hey thanks now iam not using the whole zeovit system iam only dosing aahc and cv. I do have the o3 only running for 2hr right now and only durring the lights out period. Well once again thanks.


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          Mario, ozone should be switched off for about 2 hours after you dosed CV and / or AAHC to give the corals enough time to absorb the substances before they get oxidized by the ozone. Same with UV.

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            Will do. Thanks again.