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Amount of RowaPhos?

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  • Amount of RowaPhos?

    I am going to add some rowaphos to my tank because my PO4 is at 0.15ppm. I was not able to find the directions, it just says that the amount of media is determined by the amount of PO4 present in the tank.

    I wouldn't want to add too much and have something bad happen. Should I dose 1/2 cup worth or 3/4 cup worth?


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    How big is your tank? I would start off very low though. Half the amount recommended or less. Its a very strong product and dont want you to loose some corals.


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      It's a 75g.


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        Start with just 1/2 the recommended quantity. And use a very very very slow flow rate. Over time (every 4 days or so) you can keep increasing the flow through the reactor. And then eventually you can add more media - if you need it.

        If you use too much media, or too fast a flow rate, any of these types of products can rapidly and drastically drop your alkalinity.

        Dave B
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