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getting ready for fist zeolite change

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  • getting ready for fist zeolite change

    Ok is there anything besides keeping 5% of the old zeolites that I need to know ?

    Second I got a browned out birdnest from someone and put it in my tank to see how long it would take to see a change .After about two weeks It looks like the browned out skin is flacking off is this a bad thing ? I have noticed a blue electric hermit small in size seems to like this coral a lot I think I will remove it from the tank. I have placed it near the top of my tank should I move it down or leave it were it is .

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    Hi John, birdnest coral are extremely sensitive to K+ deficiency, so I'd recommend leaving it in the same position in your reef but adding K-Balance at 1ml/25g net for 3 days,then 1ml/100g net daily.

    With the 1st zeolite exchange, for the 1st 2wks. Bak & Food are dosed every other day then 2x's/wk. The dosing quantites remain the same. At this time you can be dosing AAHC, C-V, PIF & Fe, but these supplements are optional. Bob
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      ok thanks but what is k-balance I can't seem to find it local .


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        John, K-Balance is a potassium supplement: