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Third zeolite exchange

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  • Third zeolite exchange

    I just change the zeo out for the third time. My parameters are Sal 1.025,ph8.2, cal 400 alk 7.4 mg 1200 po4 .05. Do you always dose the bak and food every other day for two weeks and then go to twice a week. I have been dosing bak 4 drops/ twice a week, 2 drops of food/twice a week start .05 everyday, kbalance 1ml every other day,c-v 8 drops per day. Do I need to change my dosages at this point or just stay the course. I am working on raising the mg a little higher. Also getting ready to change out my ca reactor media and add some mg granules.


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    You should be fine but do you know how the PO4 levels have been progressing since the start? That might help to know what to suggest.

    Also Im sure you already know but it might help to pre-soak the Ca media in ro/di with a few changes to eliminate/reduce any PO4's and keep a close eye on your alk and Ca after the change.

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      Hi Mark, the Bak?Food dosages will remain every other day for a time yet until one is deep into Phase 3. With your present P04 level, I'd recommend continuing your present dosing quantities, if your corals appear healthy & colorful. Bob
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        Steve, My po4 level was .10 when I started and then went up to .14. Now seems to be finally coming down.


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          Bob, Thanks for the quick answer. Things are finally settling down and the color are starting to pick up. Any other suggestions?


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            Sure, Mark, are you using any zeo-supplements? I'd suggest K- Balance, AAHC, C-V, PIF & Fe & later down the road, SPG, Spur-ME & Spur2. Bob
            "There might be something to this ZEOvit"