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    After reading all of these post, I am realizing that a P04 probe of some sort is a must to be consistent with a start and progression log that I am going to keep.

    Anyone have any recomendations on one that has ease of use and accuracy? Cost is a "slight" factor. I am already making the ZEOvit commitment so ....

    Also, What other test kits would you all say would be helpful for the type of system that ZEOvit tries to attain? I have the usuall "starter" kits, and have added a few others, but they are by far just a ballparking attempt at best.

    Thanks again for all of you help!

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    Hi Iffer using ZEOvit one finds the standard P04 tests not to be sensitive & difficult to read, therefore, many here use a Hanna colorimeter, as it's more sensitive & accurate with a readout of actual P04 levels at the low range. PM Madison[OUinLA] for ordering info[~ $185-$200 for the meter, curvettes, & 100 reagent packets]. Bob
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      Wow, Talk about instant gratification. Bob, do you have a life other than this board? LOL If not, I am glad as you are a wonderful help!!! Iffer


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        The Hannah colormeter is an awesome little device. It definately is worth it to track progress with PO4's. I use it to test tank water and make up water. It can really help to isolate where extra PO4's are sneaking in your system. Gary suggested I let my food, Formula 2 cubes and mysis sit in RO/DI water for an hour or more then pour off that water and test it with the hannah...I'll just say WOW...and let you do the same when you get your colormeter.


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          Slojmn, Thanks for the testimonial, are you getting a commision on the side? LOL It sounds like the way to go. Anyother test kits that are a must with this system?


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            A good test for CA, Mg and alk are a must. I like to test for silicates in my source water from time to time. I've been using the Hanna for a little over a year and would'nt go without again (no I don't get a kick-back)

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              I do have test for the basic stuff and Ca, MG and alk. I have never found a good P04 kit and have never tested for silicates. Theys are the kind of things that I want to find out about. That is were I will start spending my money.

              I have also decided to go with some sort of "controller" for my system. I am away 12-14 hours a day at least 1 sometimes 2 days a week. The other days I am gone 10hrs. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like something that has computer and modem capabilities, but is also user friendly. I does not have to run everything, but if it does, that is ok as well as long as it is not alot smarter than me( Or at least has a set of instructions!) Again, looking for all and any impute that you all might have.