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  • IMAC & MACNA 2006

    Hi, what are the dates/locations of these two events, and will Zeovit and all the associated products have a major presence?



    p.s. - isn't it ironic that "zeovit" is not a word in the spell check.

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    Yes.. actually Gary from is attending the Houston Event, MACNA.

    You can see his banner here:


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      Hoping they make the IMAC again as it was a drinking good time... Hope Madison and Will make it back as well as all the others I meet last year...


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        IMAC will be represented as well. Hope to see you there.


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          Jeff, you posted at the same time as me. Are you sure your wife will let you hang out with us again


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            Well I hope so.. Since last yr I never called home and never showed up back home.. It was not good but I think she will be ok hehehehe.... Maybe this time I can just make plans on staying. I know that will make her happier...


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              Thanks guys. I'm definitely going to MACNA. Is it worthwhile to hit IMAC as well? Is it bigger or smaller than MACNA? My wife is wavering on Europe for Interzoo (wants to lay on a beach with umbrella drinks) and since its her b-day I can't really say much. I really want to see the new BK's and the Reef Ceramic pieces, along with the Aquaperfekt lighting. Will they be at IMAC? September is a long way away!


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                Had reef ceramics at IMAC last yr so I am sure they will have them again if they are hosting a booth... I will tell you MACNA is much bigger and better represented then IMAC.. We will out party MACNA though trust me hehhehe....


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                  I will be there (IMAC) and I am looking into MACNA as well. Interzoo may be a year or two away though for me (this tank I am setting up could have paid for many month vacation LOL) but I will make it one day


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                    IMAC is Getting Closer


                    Well it is only a few months to IMAC. The International Marine Aquarium Conference will be in Chicago April 28, 29 and 30. We have gotten in topics for most of the speakers:

                    Jake Adams, “Water Flow Speed is Critical in Our Aquaria”
                    Adam Blundell, “Filtration Methods in a Natural Reef Aquarium”
                    Eric Borneman
                    Bob Fenner, “Organism Selection for the Saltwater Aquarist”
                    Anthony Calfo, “A Call to Farms. More Efficient Coral Propagation Techniques”
                    Tullio Dell Aquilla, “Advanced Lighting Technologies for Aquariums”
                    Todd Gardner, “Seahorse Nutrition in Aquaculture”
                    Dr. Sanjay Joshi, “Designing Reef Aquarium Systems – Thwarting Murphy’s Laws”
                    John Kelly, “Goniopora – A New Beginning”
                    Allen LaPointe, “The Importance of Water Quality”
                    Martin Moe
                    Mike Paletta, “Setting Up a LARGE Aquarium”
                    Steven Pro, “Recent Experiments with ‘Reef Safe’ Treatments”
                    Dr. Adelaide Rhodes
                    Dana Riddle, “Tide Pools of Kahalu’u Hawaii. What they tell us about Reef Aquaria”
                    Zack Schwartz, “K-12 Education and the Science Behind it”
                    Walt Smith (Banquet Speaker)
                    Julian Sprung

                    Eric, Anthony and Steven will also conduct Coral Propagation Workshops, sponsored by

                    Registration is just $125 (for a few weeks) and along with special hotel rates of $109/nite, IMAC is the least expensive weekend conference you can attend. But, to make it even a better deal, for a limited time we are offering a special 2 for 1 rate. That’s right you can get 2 full registrations, including the Speakers, Banquet, Trade Show and the Big Raffle for $125. This is NOT mentioned on the IMAC website but if you click on the Registration picture there is a space marked “Additional Names” right under the “Add to Cart” button where you can enter the name and email address of your guest. You will both get full registrations. Then you can split the cost with your guest. NOTE: If you have clicked on the “Add to Cart” button before, the page that shows up may indicate 2 or 3 registrations. This is because your browser remembers that you have been there before and it will add another one. Just check the “remove” button, “update cart” and start over.

                    We are just getting in products donated by major companies for the Big Raffle but we already have the Grand Prize. It is a 9 day trip for 2 to Fiji donated by Walt Smith International.

                    So hurry over to and sign up. We’ll see you in April.


                    Dennis Gallagher, Chairman
                    International Marine Aquarium Conference


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                      Captive Oceans will be there for sure, how do I know you ask, b/c <st1:city w:st="on">Gary</st1:city> is flying into <st1:state w:st="on">Indiana</st1:state> and I have to drive him to <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Chicago</st1></st1:city> lol .

                      No tank this year at IMAC, too much hassle, esp when<st1:city w:st="on"><st1 =""> Madison</st1></st1:city> takes a break every 3 minutes for a union smoke break

                      We will also be at MACNA, stay tuned, its going to be a BLOW out, you will defiantly hear about our booth on all the forums ..

                      We will also be at Interzoo, just to help with the people that need English. We will help Thomas and Klaus out when people want info, but don’t know German. After<st1:city w:st="on"><st1 =""> Gary</st1></st1:city> is around other Germans, he will look at me, speak German get mad b/c I didn't do what he asked, then I remind him.. I DON'T SPEAK GERMAN.. But thankfully I have Sandra there to tell me what they are saying, and Alexander too when he is not wondering around.


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                        Originally posted by scottw
                        Sandra there to tell me what they are saying, and Alexander too when he is not wondering around.
                        I luv it Sandra will never see AlexanderBob
                        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                          Just registered yesterday for IMAC. Can't wait to meet alot of you. I will bring a couple of bottles of Grey Goose. See if we can lower the PO4 levels in our bodies.



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                            OK you guys if I was to attend one of these conferences which one would you recommend? I have never been to one before but would love to go.


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                              Ruth, MACNA is the bigger of the two, but both are a lot of fun. MACNA is in houston in Sept. and IMAC is in Chicago in April. So do you want Houston or Chicago?