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Balance Blocks- Good or Evil?

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  • Balance Blocks- Good or Evil?

    Has anyone used Balance Blocks with their Zeovit System? If so ,I was wondering if they work as well as they proclaim? I have been told they are a good replacement for the macro element solution(Zeospur) is this T or F?


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    The problem with the addition of these all in one "70+ trace element" additives is that you may be adding elements that aren't being used up by your system fast enough and they will build up over time.

    A good salt mix contains plenty of most trace elements and water changes are the preferred method of replenishing trace elements, one of the reasons being that unused elements are removed along with the water you remove and re-added in the same quantity with the replacement water so if unused they will maintain a steady level and not build up in your tank, as is the case when you add them separately.
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      David, excess traces from 'Balance-Blocks" in nutrient-poor waters will result in darkening[dulling] our corals's color. It would have a similar effect as using saltmixes with "enriched" trace elements. Bob
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