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    I am now in my 8th week, I changed 95% of the Media 2 weeks ago and replaced with new into an Eheim cannister.

    My params are staying pretty stable at

    Gallons 150
    dKh 8-9
    Calcium 420
    Phosphate >0.03 (Deltec High accuracy Test Kit)
    Mg 1250
    Temp 25c

    I am dosing 4 drops of Bac/Food every 2 days, 1ml Start every day. I have replaced my KZ Carbon with a fresh amount.

    The red slime algae I had 6 weeks ago has gone completely and the water does appear very clear.

    I am not seeing any improvement in coral colour, some have faded quite drastically.

    I guess now I am very nutrient low and that the loss of colour in the coral is due to lack of food.

    Should I be dosing AAHC & CV now ?



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    Andrew, 8 weeks is really not a long time. Stay the course and you will get the corals colour improvement you are waiting for. I would recommend to slow lower the KH a little bit, around 7. It’s a good time to start dosing AAHC & CV now so I would say, give it a go. All other parameters look fine, try to keep them stabile.



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      Andrew, dose 4-5 drops AAHC & 12 drops C-V daily into your display reef. At the next zeolite exchange, touch base here & I'll recommend PIF/Fe/SpursBob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"