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Mitratus Butterflyfish w/ SPS?

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  • Mitratus Butterflyfish w/ SPS?

    Hey guys anyone have one is with SPS? i know they come from deeper water and are supposedly supposed to eat plankton.

    this would go into my 275 gallon SPS tank. do you think its a risk? or no?

    the scientific name is Chaetodon mitratus they are closely related to Tinkerii Butterflyfish and liveaquaria says that the Tinkerii is NOT reef safe and will eat polyps.

    BUT what about the Mitratus? do you think i will be ok? or is it a risk?

    thanks guys

    275 Gallon Envision Acrylics Tank, 70 gallon sump, BK 300 internal, Zeovit, 5 sequence darts (1 on a oceansmotions 4-way), medusa dual controller, 2 ebo jaer 250w heaters, 1/2 hp JBJ comercial chiller, 4 RO IIIs w/14k hamilitons, 4 VHOs super actinic, deltec pf500 Ca Rx, 3 reef ceramic pillar, and 1 reef ceramic mini-reef, 5 ceramic closed loop intake screen covers, with 50ish pounds of LR