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  • Carbon change interval

    Been doing a bit of fragging out of the tank over the last few weeks which has resulted in some sliming and adverse reactions from some corals, so have changed the carbon several times.
    Just wondered if there is any reason we "have" to stick to the recommended interval, or if changing carbon more often is a non issue?

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    Alastair, fresh carbon will absorb much more effective than a carbon which is in the system for several days. However carbon also absorbs trace elements which are necessary for the corals. If the carbon changing interval is to short, a leak in several elements can take place, but this also depends to the salt mix which is used while some have really high element concentrations.

    A better practice would be to use ½ of the recommended quantity, changed every 2 week.



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      Thank you Alexander, that explains it well!

      I will do the 1/2 quantity at 2 week intervals for a few times, then back to normal.