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  • first zeolith exchange

    i am into my 5th week now, i'll be changing media end of next week,these are my parameters & dosings do i change anything after the media exchange or keep it the same?
    net total water volume 100 gal ,1 l media 3hr on/off waterchange 15%/wk
    ca 430 ppm mg 1300 ppm ,alk 8.1, no3 o, ph 8.3 ,temp 77.5-79 f

    cv 8 drps day
    aahc 3 drps day
    start2 .4ml 2x day
    bak/food 7 4 drps 2x wk
    pif 6 drps 2x wk
    fe 1 drp 2x wk

    some acros are a tiny bit lighter,but not much everything else seem to be fine.
    i also purchased spur 2 &macroelements ,when i was getting my supplies please let me know when i start with them thanx

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    Hi Jason, sounds very smooth thus far In Phase 2[now, with the 1st zeolite exchange] Bak/Food7 is dosed every other day for the 1st two wks, then 2x's/wk.--use the same dosing quantities.

    Jason, when you've mentioned your corals lightening some, do you see it as a improvement in your corals coloration? You can certainly begin the Spurs--dose ME once a wk. at 5ml/25g net volume. Always dose this all at once. Same with Spur2[if your corals are not too light] This dosage is the most difficult to determine for each tank. Search the ZeoSpur2 threads for more background, then ask any questions. Bob
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      hi bob,if you remember i had a quick tissue lightening due to use of zeolife that was a month ago ,i reduced photoperiod down to 3 hr/day to make sure corals not getting too stressed,during the past month raised photoperiod back up to 8 hrs/day now
      some corals did brown out abit because of reduced lighting,& they are the ones that are lightening,so to answer your question yes i have to say it is positve
      i am going to start with spurs,is this right for 100 gal water
      zeospurmacroelements 20 ml/wk
      spur 2 20 ml/wk
      please let me know what you mean by adding all at once?(me & sp 7 @ the same time?)
      also i am getting my k+ this week what dosings for that you recomand?
      every thing is going smooth,water again as clear as when i was using o3(orp 410 ,now)
      but i seem to have a very tinybit of microbubbles in my tank past couple of weeks,is this normal?
      bob thanx for all your help ,your are a great asset to the site & also the hobby j


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        Thnx. Jason for the good words Spur-ME at 20ml once a wk in one dose is correct. I'd recommend holding Spur2 this next 6wks. as your corals have undergone some recent changes & these elements may be too stressful to your corals at this time. When you do begin Spur2, I'd recommend beginning with 6ml once every fortnight in one dose & work up from there, but that discussion is not pertainent now. K-B can be dosed at 5 ml for 3 days then dose 2-3 ml 2x's/wk when dosing PIF & Fe. This lower dosage is fine even if your system does not have a K+ deficiency & at this dosage will stimulate colors & growth. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"