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  • ZEOvit State of the New Year

    First of all, our moderators here at wish all a healthy & successful reefing new year

    In 2k6, will have completed it's 1st year[Feb.] with great success as demonstrated by our membership list. The international flavor of our site is most appealing, adding enthusiasm, & expertise that is unrivaled by any other reefing siteThe past year has seen some new additions to the ZEOvit product line, along with some enhancements to others: ZeoFood, ZeoStart2, AAHC, Coral-Vitalizer, Reefer's salt & K-Balance. Remember, Thomas is always brewing so look for more of the same in the coming year. Also in the coming year, we will see more mature ZEOvit-reefs, especially U.S. reefs, as ZEOvit method enters it's 2nd. year here. The recent French article on coral coloration {Advanced Aquarist] should be interesting reading for all of us[Thread:"Interesting Lighting Article" by Orion76]. An excellent paper from an aquarist's view-point, in that it is easiy to understand & indirectly embellishes the ZEOvit method. Members can look forward soon to an updated ZEOvit guide, the revision being authored by the foremost ZEOvit expert, Alexander ****, & translated by Gary Madl. [I'll add my 2 cents,also] Our new Advanced Marine Forum, aptly stimulated by our moderators, Gary[Mesocosm] & Jake[Coralite] will continue to keep us abreast of the most current concepts in marine science. This year will find CaptiveOceans expanded into a larger warehouse, manned with full-time operation by our own Scott Whitlow[poor guy has been trying to balance 2 full-time jobs], which will streamline products to ZEO-dealers to customers much more efficiently All in all, the 2006 should be an exciting year on our friendly-user site & again all of the zeo-moderators wish a Happy New Year to all our members, Bob
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    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"

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    Cant wait to see what Thomas brews up next Happy New Year to all the Mods and all the members Bob thanks for everything you have done for me and the others here on the site
    180G SPS Mainly
    10 Bulb T5 Starfire
    Calcium Reactor
    3 Tunze 6105's
    Profilux Controller
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    ATB M External Skimmer


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      Originally posted by nyfireman3097
      Cant wait to see what Thomas brews up next Happy New Year to all the Mods and all the members Bob thanks for everything you have done for me and the others here on the site
      2nd that.
      120 Gallon Oceanic; 2 IceCap 660 w 8 Geiseman T5; GroTech Zeo Rx; MTC Ca Rx; 250 Ext BK; 8 Drops Bak / Food; 2ml Start 2.


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        Well said, Bob. Happy New Year to all of you...
        Fish eat poop....tastes just like chicken.


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          :biggthump Bob....Great News and thanks for all your personal help you and the mods have provided me and other Zeoheads as well.... You are an asset to all of us!

          Enough BS lets Party!!


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            Just wanted to say this is by far the friendliest site on teh web. I think some force took us away from the old captive oceans forum on purpose and was the catylst for this wonderful community.

            I am looking forward to getting things underway on ZEO this year. I can only expect to learn more and more as we all journey into ZEOland together.

            Happy New Year fellow Zeoheads!!!!



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              Thank you Bob ..
              I just want to say thank you to all the hard work and help from the Mods here at, I know for sure we wouldn't be as successful as we are without all you! And second, thanks to all of our members here at the Ville, without you all we wouldn't need mods .. So from all the Family here at we want to wish you all a Very Safe and Happy 2006, may all your reefs be colorful, and your wife's be happy ... (girlfriends and boyfriends also)

              Best wishes everyone!



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                Yiiipppeeeeee! Happy New Year to ALL!

                "Water is the driving force of all nature"
                Leonardo da Vinci


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                  And God Bless You All
                  165G System, 30G Sump, Mag 12 Return, 2 x 250w DE Phoenix 14K, 2 x 400w Hamilton 20K, 2 x 6100 Tunze Streams & 7095 MultiController, Vortex MP40, Korallin 1502 CR, Deltec APF 600 Skimmer, Zeovit, Pacific Coast 1/4 HP Chiller


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                    as we are ahead in NZ of you guys in the America's we are already in the new year and my headache and hangover is slowly going (what has happened with last years resolution of not drinking so much on new years eve????).

                    well happy new year, take care and enjoy the hangover!


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                      Greetings All !

                      Feliz Año Nuevo! ...
                      Nouvelle Année Heureuse! ...
                      Glückliches Neues Jahr! ...
                      Nuovo Anno Felice! ...

                      새해 복 많이 받으세요! ...

                      ... and Happy New Year!

                      "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
                      Hunter S. Thompson


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                        Happy New Year everyone !!!!!!

                        Tank Specs:60g Cube SPS/Clam tank, ASM G1x Skimmer, DIY ZEOvit Reactor, 1x400w EVC 14k, Marine Life Aquatics CR-250 CaRx (RIP)

                        Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!


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                          Happy New Year Zeoheads... Best wishes for 06'...