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Cannot Start Zeovit yet! Help!

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  • Cannot Start Zeovit yet! Help!

    Everything was going well and all until I went and tried to fit the Zeovit Rocks into the phosban reactor. Unfortunately, not all the rocks fit into the reactor. I think I have 2 choices to use.(Correct me if I'm wrong)

    1. Leave the small amount of rocks behind and connect a small pump that will be strong enough to have water overflow in the reactor since their is no space to close it up. I was going to use a small pump that rated around 120 gph. The only issue I seem to see is that when I have to stir the rocks around to release the mulm, everything will be tightly packed and the tube that goes down the middle of the reactor is in the way and too fragile to mix around the rocks.


    2. Pay someone to build me a Zeovit reactor that is very similar to the Phosban Reactor only with a larger tube diameter made from white PVC. I would build it myself, but I don't have the time due to school and I am not very creative in building what I need. (ANYONE INTERESTED IN BUILDING ME A ZEO REACTOR?)<--Similar to the Phosban Reactor, please.

    I really envy all your tanks and how great they look and I gotta admit that I'm getting desperate to start Zeovit.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Do a search for DIY reactors... there are some great designs out there.
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      how about buying another phosban reactor. & use a tee to split the flow to both


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        how much are you trying to put into the reactor?


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          I'm trying to get 1 liter into the reactor, but there is still some left over. Will that affect the zeovit performance?


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            Hi Vinny, a little more or less of the zeolites is fine, so that your reactor flow is adjusted to the quantity of stones in your reactor. Bob
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