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Question about raising Mg

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  • Question about raising Mg

    I am trying to raise the Mg in my tank. Currently around 1100. I am dosing esv. The directions say to add 1.5 ml per gal. This dosage will raise it about 15ppm per day. My tank is about 120gals. It seems that you have to add a lot of this to get the Mg up to 1250~1300. Does this sound right? Is this to much to add all at once? Is there a better way to bring the level up? I have some granules on order so I can add to my ca reactor.


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    Mark, 1100 mg sounds really low. What kind of salt do you use ?

    I would also recommend to check the test kit & the salinity. What about Ca ?

    IMO rising parameters in a save way is to do water changes with a slat brand that is well balanced in elements. If the Mg concentration is really that low, I would recommend to additional add a Mg granulate to your CaCO2 reactor if you run one.



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      Hi Mark, as Alexander mentioned, some salts are low in major elements. Raise the Mg with the ESV ~50ppm/day, not too quickly or your corals maybe compromised Once the Mg's inline, the Mg granules[about 10-15% of the total CR media should maintain this parameter]Bob
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