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Do Soft corals Benefit from Zeovit?

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  • Do Soft corals Benefit from Zeovit?

    My tank is mainly soft corals, and was wondering if Zeovit would be benifecal in my tank?

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    John, maybe PM Steve [handle-GTR] as he runs zeovit and has a mixed reef setup with softies also.. I personally only have 1 softy and it has grown really well in my zeo tank.. So well I think I am going to get rid of it before it gets much bigger.. I took a frag of it from my old tank and now its the size of a softball again so I think I will trade it to my LFS for good this time.. Its been with me for 8 yrs at least this colony was started from my old colony I got 8 yrs ago heheeh.. I do know that most softies do better with some nutrients in the water and the zeo method is really for producing low nutrient systems. Steve [GTR] does not STRIVE for the ULTRA low nutrients most of us here are striving for though.. Def he could give you a good recommendation...

    Peace, Jeff
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      Greetings All !

      irisservice ...

      ... it's good to see you here.

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        My ricordia does very well, thats the only softies I have

        Tank Specs:60g Cube SPS/Clam tank, ASM G1x Skimmer, DIY ZEOvit Reactor, 1x400w EVC 14k, Marine Life Aquatics CR-250 CaRx (RIP)

        Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!


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          Greetings All !

          Originally posted by irisservice
          My tank is mainly soft corals, and was wondering if Zeovit would be benifecal in my tank?
          From my perspective ... it depends. If you want to experiment with introducing SPS specimens into the mix (if you haven't done this already), then probably (... lots of variables, of course ...).

          If you're doing "softies" and LPS exclusively, an integration of the full range of ZEOvit system components may not be particularly beneficial ... depending upon your goals for the system, and your criteria for "beneficial". JMO.

          If you're looking for increased softie and/or LPS growth rates only, perhaps zeo-products such as Amino Acid High Concentrate, MacroElements and Coral Vitalizer may be of interest to you. Without knowing more about your system and goals, it's kind of hard for me to speculate.

          As someone who has specifically introduced softie and LPS specimens ... and others ... into a full ZEOvit system for the singular purpose of observing growth rates, I was satisfied with the results. For example ...

          (1) A Ricordea who seemed to enjoy ZEOvit ...

          (2) A tunicate who definitely enjoyed ZEOvit ....

          More to your question ... the Green Star polyp (Clavularia) on the left side was a 1" square cutting, anchored to a LR branch slice by monofilament line 4 weeks before this pic was taken. After 3 days I was able to cut away the monofilament ... the cutting had grown onto the LR slice such that the line was redundant.

          (3) These A. micromussa enjoyed its time with ZEOvit ...

          (4) The system ...

          This is a picture of the system about two months before picture sets 1-3 were taken. This initial setup included multiple zoanthid specimens (on the right tray), and a thoroughly sliced ... mangled? ... scroll Turbinaria (center). The Turbinaria frags ... butcherings? ... recovered at a rate which was surprising. The later incarnation of this tank contained the Clavularia, Ricordea, and A. micromussa specimens ... and some of the original zoanthid specimens. I was disappointed that the zoanthids never quite demonstrated either the growth rates or color retention/enrichment that the others did. They survived just fine and grew "normally", but it was never what I had hoped for ... go figure. FWIW, I attributed the zoanthid disappointment to a lowering of available POMs. I've often wondered how they would have done if Coral Vitalizer had been available as a supplemental food source.

          Ah well, I'll be conducting more trials with zoanthid specimens early next year ...

          JMO ... HTH
          "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
          Hunter S. Thompson


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            I have been using Zeovit system for 5 weeks now and my tank still at high nutrient. But i notice the red sea Xenia aren't too happy with change. Beside the xenia everything else doing well I.E Ricordea, acan.
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              i am very much interested to know more about ,your tunicate.
              are you adding any kind of food(phyto or zoo )to the tank to feed the tunicate?
              do you find them easy overall or hard?light & flow requirement?
              do you still have it ?did it ever split? thanx


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                Never had any problem with the white, pumping xenia and zeovit. They need time to adopt to the new environment. They grow like the hell and look very healthy overall. Here are two pictures of some kind of soft corals I keep since years in a zeovit system: