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Looking to start Zeo. Need Insight

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  • Looking to start Zeo. Need Insight

    1. Gross water volume of your complete system (incl. sump etc.)
    approx 75gal
    2. Net water volume (incl. sump etc.)
    approx 55gal
    3. Are you using a CaCO2 reactor or other technique
    Just setup a aquatic system design single chamber reactor with KNOP coarse media. Discontinuing Kalk.
    4. Are you using a PO4 reactor (how long, how long ago, etc.)
    NO. Have a Phosban reactor that I might use for zeo reactor.
    5. Are you using Ozone
    Yes. This would be the hardest loss in switching to zeo.
    6. Are you using UV
    7. What skimmer are you using (type, rated water volume)
    Euroreef ES5-3 is pulling out 2 cups of dark skimmate every 4 days. Might do the recirc mod in a couple months.
    8. What are your actual PO4 and NO3 levels
    9. What are your actual Ca, Alk and Mg levels
    10. What filtration method do you use (refugium, DSB, Miracle Mud, etc.)
    Refuge with chaeto, SSB, carbon 24/7,
    11. Type of light (Watt, color temp, how old, etc.)
    6x39watt T5s(mix of 10k and Blue +)
    12. What corals do you keep
    Mostly SPS
    13. Tissue color (light or dark)
    Dark. Mostly good color except I want more color
    14. How long has the tank been running
    15. Why do you want to use the ZEOvit system
    16. Any supplemental dosing (type, amount, why, etc.)
    17. Live rock (how much, how old, etc.)
    80+lbs 18months old. Non-cooked.
    18. Any present problems
    Small amount of bubble algae and hard red algae??
    19. Problem description (tissue loss tips, tissue loss base, diatom bloom, algae, etc.)
    20. What test kit do you use (how old, recently switched, etc.)

    22. Other water parameters and water stability (salinity, temp, etc.)

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    Welcome to First of all I would recommend to download the dosing guide from:

    It contains a lot of useful information and will be helpful to get a feeling for the dosage.

    Please slow balance you water parameter before starting with the system & keep the levels as stabile as possible: Ca 400 – 420 mg – Mg 1250 – 1300 mg – KH 6.5 – 7.5

    Personally I have no experience with those chaeto algae but it is possible they over the next month if the system has become nutrient poor. If so, remove them if you notice those signs.

    Just start with the basics products to decrease nutrients:

    1. Place 0.6 liters zeovit in a Zeo Reactor. Water flow around 50 – 60 gallons per hour. Connect the reactor pump with a timer and run the reactor pump with a 3 hour on / 3 hour off / 3 hour on interval. Please make sure the zeolite is not exposed to air while the pump is switched off. Clean the material daily. Leave the zeolite 4 weeks in the filter until you do the first change out. This is the first changing interval, others could be lengthen to 6 – 8 weeks.

    2. Place 0.2 liter carbon in a filter sock and keep it in a passive water flow in your sump, changed every 30 days. Knead the carbon daily to keep the surface clean.

    3. Dose 3 drops ZeoBac & ZeoFood7 daily for the first 2 week, flowed by a 2 – 3 x weekly dosage of 3 drops. Dose 0.3 ml ZeoStar2 2 x daily (morning & evening). Dose those in front of the Zeo reactor pump while it is switched on.

    4. The additional dosage of some food source for the corals works fine. I would recommend to dose 3 drops Amino Acid High Concentrate & 6 drops Pohls Coral Vitalizer daily directly in the tank.

    Later on you could use the additional products for coral colouration. This makes no sense at the moment while your nutrients are high. You will admire them if your system has changed to a nutrient poor environment. Adjust your skimmer to skim wet, keeping it clean to export as much as possible. Do a weekly water change of 5 – 10 % with a good salt.

    Zeo will keep your water very clear, so the lost of O3 is not a issue.