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Red Blastos in need of help

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  • Red Blastos in need of help

    I acquired these red blastos in November by a friend.. but they have been declining in health. I also acquired some with the neon green centers and those are as plump and healthy as can be under the same light. I have noticed that the blastos are placed under 10k lighting and where the light shines, the flesh slowly starts to thin out where you can see the skeleton. BUT.. then I look around and where there is shade, those heads look healthy. Do red blastos die with high intensity light? I just moved them down to a very shaded area only lit by a T5.

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    Mine seem to be happier in indirect lighting --

    Nothing in straight shots.

    I have some reds at the very bottom of the thank which are doing just okay.

    Dave B
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      yeah what dave said I had some nice reds and where nice untill they started to look just like yours. What I did was put them in a some shade and they are starting to come back.


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        Mine do best in indirect light and super low flow, I need to hide all of mine in crevaces, or the tissue starts to receed from the flow.


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          Ya bro, blastos never fair well in high light. Now that you have it in low light it should come bad. sps guys =P.


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            Thank you guys!!

            Mane, I knew you were good for something!


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              WOAH! Way to go Edward, crush me on Christmas Eve =(.....

              /me walks away...hangs head....

              =)...Any time padre! Merry Christmas!


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                Just curious though.. why are the green center ones ok under high light? I also have other ones that do well under high light.. but not these red ones.


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                  Not sure, some do ok that I have seen in other tanks but none ever have in mine. Also maybe it will just take a bit more time and they will show the same side effects. You received them around the same time I think you said.


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                    Edward, not sure if it's the same thing, but I have found other red LPS (lobophyllia) not liking high light areas either. The green ones I had fared better in high light areas....
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                      Hmmm. Gary maybe you're on to something. Maybe the red soaks in more light and instead of helping, its burning it?


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                        Well think of it like a plant. why are they green?

                        i think green maybe able to absorb more like than red? Red may not be able to absorb the light?

                        this is all just a guess of course.

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                          feeding them will turn the things around,brine or,mysid be good choice,redones are definately lower light species,my observation same thing goes for any brain,red ones less light