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I'm ready for Zeovit, but need help

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  • I'm ready for Zeovit, but need help


    I am wanting to do zeovit, but I am no expert and am looking for help. Here is some information:

    235 total gallons (180 gallon tank, 55 gallon fuge/sump)- Will be getting a 240 gallon fuge and a 100 gallon sump in June
    no caCO2 reactor, no PO4 reactor, no ozone- Purchasing a calcium reactor in the coming months
    40w uv
    ASM G3- Getting an H&S200 3x2100 soon
    NO3- 0ppm, Ca 450ppm, alk- 9.0, salinity is 1.025, 79.0 degrees F
    55 sump and fuge combo
    1050 total watts- aquamedic sexy series 10k, and 20k
    SPS only- about 40 frags/small colonies- tissue color is light
    Tank has been running for 1 year
    Suppliment with buffer DKH, and turbo calcium daily (no reactor yet)
    300 lbs of live rock
    150lbs of live sand
    no problems whatsoever
    I own salifert Ca, NO4, ALK test kits

    Please help me. I am looking for those amazing colors in my coral to pop, and to have a better looking system. Simply, I am jelous of your systems!

    Let me also know if I should wait until I am finished upgrading my system. I plan on having it finished in June/July.


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    Hi Ryan, you might as well get your "fingers wet" with ZEOvit now. Parameters for ZEOvit method are those of NSW-Ca>400<450/Mg>1200/KH-6-8 & stable/salinity 1.023-.026. Higher dKH >8 in a lowering nutrient environment can result in coral consequences. I recommended dosages for your system is based on a net water vol. ~180g:

    1)place 2 Cups carbon in a filter sock, passively in a low flow area of your sump. Knead this bag 3x's/wk & replace monthly.
    2)place 1 3/4 ltrs. zeolites in a zeofilter with a flow rate ~175gph. A little more or less is fine. Cycle the stones on & off at 3 hr. intervals, being sure the stones remain submerged when the filter is not operating. A inline check-valve to your zeo-filter may be necessary to prevent back-siphoning. Clean the zeolites 1-2 x's/day about 10 reps each time, when the filter is "on". Exchange the stones every 6wks.
    3)dose 6 drops Bak/Food daily for the 1st 2wks. then dose 8 drops each 2x's/wk for the remainder of the zeolite time-cycle. Dose these when the zeo-filter is "on", in front of the filter pump. Turn off your skimmer for 60min. after dosing these. ZeoBak is refrigerated[also Coral-Vitalizer].
    4)dose .8ml Start2 2x's/day when the zeo-filter is operating. It is not necessary to turn off the skimmer when just dosing Start2
    5)Optional: dose 4 drops AAHC & 12 drops C-V daily in your display area.

    Ask any questions here as they arise. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Hi Ryan, have you decided to begin yet? Thnx. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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        I am going to start soon. I am still trying to calculate the total monthly cost for all of the zeovit items that I will be needing.

        I will keep all of you updated, and will ask copious amounts of questions. I hope that you won't mind.