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How long can Coral live without light...

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  • How long can Coral live without light...

    Hi all...

    my mother had phone call yesterday and she said my MH light was not working in my tank. (my current tank is at my parents house). My English is not good, so I do not know how can I express...Hmm she said only filament
    part had a little light...I am not sure what the problem is...It is pheonix 250w
    bulb and I have used it with no problem. so I told her she could do plug off..

    Could you tell me How long coral can live without MH? I think I can not visit my parents' during 2~3days..(maybe until saturday...)

    Other part (skimmer and Ca reactor etc..)is Ok...just lighting is the problem..

    Thanks in advance~!

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    Well Vince, for sps, best will be w/o for 2 days is fine but 3 days is really pushing the limit . So can't be sure cause out in the wild we do have continues days where it's storm all the way.

    So I think by the time you reach your parent house on the 3 days everything should be fine.
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      Thanks....I will visit to them within 1~2days....

      Do you know why this problem happen? I think it is related to ballast...I use tar ballast

      Pheonix or AC is HQI bulb?


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        Have you asked her to try switching it back on? Halides switching off for 15 minutes with some flickering is normal after something like a power outage of a few seconds.
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          thanks Keigo and Orion...I solved problem....

          Thanks again....