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Info on starting zeo in my system

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  • Info on starting zeo in my system

    I have a 55 gallon reef tank with all SPS and Acros....I use a wet/dry filtration system and have been dosing B-ionic daily. I have a 400 gall/day power head in my sump with 2 rios in the tank for circulation. I have active carbon and phos-x in a filter bag in the sump. In the past I have used RO/DI water, however it was refilled from super saver...I have recently purchased my own RO/DI unit. I have approx 80 corals in my tank and they are doing fine, however they are not nearly as colorful as they were when purchased..browning, etc...I run the aqualight pro with 2 150 watt HQI's and 2 96 W actinics. It also has 3 moon lights - system runs dawn to dusk effect. I have been looking into Zeovit and would like to know as much info regarding what all I need to purchase, if this system would help with my settup, and recommended dosing of each product....any help would be greatly appreciated......I do not have a calcium reactor, I have listed everything I use......I am looking for as much color as is more question, do I have enough light (it sits about 6 inches off the tank.)

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    Hi Husher & welcome to You will have marked color improvement in your corals, although the timeframe varies from a few months to several months, depending on multiple factors, that I'll not delve into at this point. You will need small bottles of ZeoBak, ZeoFood, ZeoStart2 & 1 ltr. of zeolites to be ideally used in a zeo-reactor for the best color effect.The reactor can be purchased from the zeo-dealer that is closest to you. I also strongly recommend using Korallen-Zucht's carbon, although any low P04 carbon can be used.[Kent's B-D, etc.] Please read the ZEOvit guide, precisely written by Alexander ****, the foremost ZEOvit method expert, to have a full understanding of function of this method. The 6th sticky from the top of this forum "tell us about your tank" needs to be completed for one of us to make dosing recommendations for your system Bob

    BTW, do you know what the "N" on Nebraska football helmet stands for?
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Here are the answers to the questions for my possible dosings....please give me as much detail as you can regarding everything I will need.....thanks.
      1. 55 gallon tank with a sump under the tank. 400 gall per hour cycles
      2. Am not sure what the difference is
      3. No CO2 reactor. Add 30 ML of each component of B-ionic every morning
      4. No PO4 reactor. Use Phos-x in a filter bag
      5. No Ozone
      6. No UV
      7. Sealife systems skimmer, unsure of rated water volume
      8. PO 4 0, NO3 0
      9. CA 420, Alk 6, Mg 1230
      10. Wet/dry filtration - bioballs in sump
      11. Aqualight pro with 2 150 watt hqi's, 2 96 watt actinics, and 3 lunar lights. HQI's on from 10 am to 9 pm. Actinics on from 9am to 10 pm. moon lights on when actinics are off.
      12. All SPS and Acros (61 total)
      13. Some light and some dark tissue colors.
      14. Since March 05
      15. To increase my coral colors, some have turned pretty brown.
      16. No other supplements other than B-ionic
      17. 90 pounds, since tank started in march 05
      18. Corals lose coloration after being in tank for a while
      19. some tissue loss at base of porcill. and at the center of hydroph.
      20. Salifert kits
      21. 30 ml. every morning of each component of b-ionic...not currently using zeovit.

      I also just started using carbon and phosphate remover as I was not using them previously (2 wks ago). I also just ordered my own RO/DI unit as I was filling it us at the local super saver....

      let me know as much as you can....or will the recent changes make enough difference as my colors have started to improve since i made the recent changes.

      also tell me where i can get the zeo stuff
      any information you have to get me started on this quest would be greatly appreciated.....and I do not know what the N stands for on the helmet......


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        Hi, thnx. for your system's info With the ZEOvit method, P04-removers & KW drip are not used. ZEOvit with cycling the zeo-filter on & off at 3hrs. intervals will evenly reduce both N's/P's. Your parms are fine. For your system, I recommend the following:

        1)dose 1/2 Cup Carbon in a filter sock, passively, in your sump. Knead this bag 3x's/wk & exchange monthly.
        2)dose 1/2 ltr. zeolites in a zeo-filter with a flow rate of 50gph. A little more or less is fine.Cycle the stones as mentioned above. Pump the stones 1-2 x's/day[10 reps each time] & exchange the zeolites every 6wks.
        3)dose 2 drops Bak/Food daily for the 1st 2wks. then 2 drops each 2x's/wk. Turn off the skimmer for 60min after dosing these. Dose these in front of zeo-filter pump when operating. ZeoBak needs to be refrigerated.
        4)dose .2ml Start2 2x's/day daily. It is not necessary to turn off the skimmer when just dosing Start2.
        5)optional: dose 2 drops AAHC & 8 drops C-V daily in the display tank[Coral Vitalizer is refrigerated]

        The "N" on the side of the helmet stands for "nowledge" Bob
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          One more question, do i have enough lights for the unbelievable colors I am looking for? Aqualight pro with 2 150 watt HQI's, 2 96 watt actinics, and 3 lunar lights. 10,000K HQI's on 9-10 hrs/day, actinics on 12-13 hours/day. lunars on when actinics are off....and on average for a tank that has been running for 9 months how long until i should see some changes and what are the chances that the zeo system will cause coral loss in my system.....


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            I also do not have room in my sump for a zeo reactor will it be a problem to keep it out of the sump?


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              If your parms remain stable, there will not be any losses from ZEOvit. There is a external model made by Madison, a zeo-dealer in OK[OUinLA is his handle--just PM him] Bob
              "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                Huskers, you have plenty of light, coloration is mor dependent on stability and nutrient levels.

                Tank Specs:60g Cube SPS/Clam tank, ASM G1x Skimmer, DIY ZEOvit Reactor, 1x400w EVC 14k, Marine Life Aquatics CR-250 CaRx (RIP)

                Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!


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                  Welcome to the site my friend. As they have said, your systems looks perfect for zeovit.

                  Please ask any questions you may have.



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                    Do i continue to dose my b-ionic with zeovit to maintain my calcium and alkalinity, or do i use a different supplement to maintain those levels....also what is the best way to increase my magnesium levels


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                      Hi Huskers, BICB is fine, although if you're keeping mainly SPS, I'd recommend a Ca Reactor for better stability in your parameters. Again a Mg supplement can be used, depending on your salt. Oceanic-IO at 50-50 maintains my Mg perfectly w/o adding Mg granules in my CR. Seachem's Mg is a good one as it adds less Cl- to our water composition. Bob
                      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                        I have been looking at various websites zeovit reactors to save some money.....i stumbled upon a site that has the parts you can order for $40 and put it together yourself...the site is someone look at this site and tell me if that would be a reactor that could sit outside the sump, if you would have to get a pump with it, and if that is a good idea to go the route of putting one together myself...i am not sure how the whole process works if the reactor sits outside the sump, but i do not have enough room in my sump for my skimmer, powerhead, and!!!! i am ready to get this started and any info would be appreciated....thanks


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                          that is an In Sump Reactor only. It is a great idea to build your own if you can . I am however not that smart lol.

                          Like you said you wanted to save some money, there is an I~Aquatics version that holds 1 liter for $199 that DustinY sells. He is a sponsor here, then you can go with the grotech version that is a bit more. If you can build one then go that route you can save some money


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                            you guys said that i need to run my zeovit filter at 50 gph...I am not totally sure how to do that....ex. do i just buy a 50 gph rio and attach it to the in sump filter or what are other options? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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                              You got it, or do more like a 75gph pump, b/c you are going to have some head pressure loss, etc.

                              Get a tiny ball valve and get it down to 50gph and your ready to rock!