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  • Help planning new ZEO system

    Hello there,

    I'm starting a new 300gallon tanks and want to start the whole ZEO system with it. I would like some help/advice from this board if possible. My tank's info are as follows:

    tank: 300gal, 96x24x30 w/ 4x400watt radium 20k in PFO reflectors, schuran jetstream 1 calcium reactor, euroreef 12-2, and the obligatory chiller. Return pump is a Sequence dart connected to 4 OM 90 degree revolution, and two 180 degree revs. All of which will be connected via a horizontal manifold. Supplemental flow will be provided with a pair of tunze 6100 on a controller.

    I will have about 350lb of rock on pvc shelves and a 2inch of fine grain aragonite.

    I want to focus mostly on deepwater sps and tabling species such as Acropora hyacinthus, A. divaricata, A. Rambleri, etc. I also want to keep a lot of the stags such as Hoeksemais, torts, and validas.

    I'd also like to keep a goup of cardinals, two pairs of clowns, and a few tangs. Fish load will be moderate to high.

    The only piece of equipment I have so far is the tank. Anything else, I am willing to compromise on. So please let me know what you think about my plan and if you have any recommendations, critiques. I want to get the tank up on the ZEOvit system and stable before adding any livestock.


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    Before the start I would recommend to download, read & understand the PDF dosing guide. You can find the links to the download location in the following thread:

    To give you a dosing recommendation, please answer the questions from this thread: