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Taking the zeovit plunge...need help

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  • Taking the zeovit plunge...need help

    Ok after doing some research on this forum I decided to try this stuff. Now I need help choosing a reactor. I dont want to be in the same mess that Ive been in before where I buy a low end model trying to save a few bux and end up wanting to upgrade a few times before being satisfied. Ive never actually seen a reactor in a setup or talked to some one that has experience with the stuff so any help would be appreciated.... This will be running on a moderately stocked 120.

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    Have you talked to your zeo dealer about the options available? There are currently 3-4 different models from different makers that you can choose from. The zeo reactor is a pretty simple tool so just get one that is a little bigger than what you "need", then you will have room to grow should you ever get a bigger tank.


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      Thanks for the response. I dont have a zeo dealer just yet. I notice that your a dealer. Can you give me starter kit deal?