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SeaChem Reef Salt Parameters?

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  • SeaChem Reef Salt Parameters?

    Yesterday I received my first 160gal. bucket of SeaChem Reef Salt from Premium Aquatics and mixed up a 25gal. batch of salt water. I tested the water and found the following properties.

    Sp gr 1.025 (measured with a sybron refractometer)
    Alk 9.7dKH (Salifert)
    Ca 350ppm (Salifert)
    Mg 1125ppm (Salifert)
    Temp 70F (My basements a little cool)

    This batch was made with RO water and was very well mixed and aerated.

    For you folks that are using this salt, are these numbers consistent your findings? I was expecting a lower alkalinity and higher Ca / Mg. Do I have a "bad" batch or is this what I can expect with this salt mix?

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    Ask gqjeff, he has been using it since it was out to the public, all he says is goodo things about it.


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      Old Yeller Tang (Roland) (local to me) tested Seachem but I'm not sure which one.

      He came up with..

      Sp gr 1.0225
      Alk 9.6dKH
      Ca 380ppm
      Mg 1185ppm
      PO4 0.01ppm
      pH 8.15

      Sp gr 1.027
      Alk 11.6 dKH
      Ca 440ppm
      Mg 1325ppm
      PO4 0.01ppm
      pH 8.15

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        i am using this salt for one month,,did two w/c
        ca was at 380-400 by seachem test kit. but, if ca rx dial up correctly u should have no problem.



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          Let me try to find the Numbers I tested it at before.. I just got a new batch yesterday so I will make some up and test that also.. With my Ca Rx it really works well for NSW params... I am hoping this batch is as good as the last..



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            Right now I'm not as concerned with the lower Ca/Mg because, as you said, I can crank up my Ca Rx. What I am more concerned about is the higher alkalinity combined with the lower Ca/Mg. If I have to scale back my Ca Rx to achieve my target alkalinity (I target 7.5dKH) then I have the concern that my mineral balance will go out of wack. ie. Lower alkalinity output and lower mineral output. Perhaps my alkalinity uptake is lower than other users and my issue is unique???

            I'm also a little paranoid about changes in my alk levels given what I understand about the need for water parm stability...


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              Originally posted by Pikeman

              I'm also a little paranoid about changes in my alk levels given what I understand about the need for water parm stability...
              Hi Jeff, this was my reasoning to use 50-50 Oceanic-IO. I originally only used Oceanic, but my Ca was too high & alk. a little low. With the 50-50 mix with my CR, my parameters are easier to maintain. GqJeff, has his dialed-in nicely so hopefully, he can tell you his technique. Bob
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                Here's a link to the test that Steve was referring to



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                  Here are the numbers I got back in June from my post. Its works great with my Ca Rx dialed in Jeff.. I woudl try it for a few water changes and make some tests of your tank to see how it works for you.

                  Madison, I tested the salt Saturday night when I got home.. It was fresh mixed. at 1.025 Ca 350, Mg 1250, Ph 8.32 DKH 8.1. I did not test PO4. This is Seachems new reef salt also.. I am going to mix another little larger batch and aireate overnight and get it at 78-80 degrees...



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                    Thanks for all of the feedback! I'm going to split my "weekly" water change a couple of days apart to reduce the potential impact of higher alkalinity. Hopefully that will help stabilize any potential alk swings. I'll work with this salt as long as I have it and see if it helps keep my corals happy.

                    By the way, many thanks to all on the forum and particularly Jeff. I haven't posted for a while, but my corals are showing some definite signs of improvement! I'm now awaiting the K-Balance to put me over the top as after reading all of the related postings, I think I have some evidence of a K deficiency.

                    Bob, I was using the Oceanic/IO split for a while, but I was hoping for an easier solution (lazy... ). I may return to that approach if the Seachem salt doesn't pan out. But for now, I think I'll give it a go as it has been successful for Jeff. Merry Christmas!


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                      Im using it now also i have to test next week after I use this batch the mag is low but i supplement it with b ionic mag to the correct level
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