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introducing new corals to zeosystem

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  • introducing new corals to zeosystem

    is there anything different about aclimating?,if i get a frag from another tank , an aquaculture ,or a wild cought colony,are they going to get stressed like the initial switching to zeo?
    i do wonder,cause i had a bit less pe,but the only thing i lost were 3 frags that were realy brown,in the past i had people give me colonies to have it color up in my tank,but howabout now if i put a browned out frag in my tank is it gonna die ,or how a w/c colony will respond to a zeo system on first day?
    my lfs is getting a big shipment next week,so i am wondering if i should refrain from adding anything rightnow?it be a shame though cause he says its an all sps order

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    Jason, I have never used any special acclimating procedure for new additions. The only thing I consider is a little bit less light for the first week for fresh imported corals. As long as browned out corals do not have any problem like boring algae for example, the recover nicely over the time in a zeovit system without any problems.



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      thanx alexander
      i thought i ask


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        Greetings All !

        Originally posted by reeftec
        ... or how a w/c colony will respond to a zeo system on first day?
        My first zeo-system was, in essence, a receiving tank for WC and "aquacultured" specimens in an LFS setting. Specimens originated from Bali, Tonga, and Fiji. Most were placed into the system within 36 hours of landing at LAX. Many had been in a wholesaler's holding system less than 24 hours. A few were acquired while still in their transship bag ... these required an acclimation process different than the one I use for specimens received from wholesaler's systems.

        Genera included Acropora, Pocillopora, Seriatopora, Montipora, and Pavona. Compared with non-zeo receiving systems, I observed no meaningful difference in either acclimation or mortality. I did observe ... on average ... more rapid "initial" polyp extension, and "better" polyp extension beyond the first 48 hours in the zeo-system.

        JMO ... HTH
        "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
        Hunter S. Thompson


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          thanx gary ,thats greart to know