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  • make me a zeohead

    can someone tell me what i need to get started with this system ? i tried searching but come up short. i have a 20 long sps dominated tank with a 250 de 20k xm light over it and a diy skimmer that pulls skimate that looks like coffee...oh yeah and im bb on my tank....thanks ahead of time

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    This is a great place to start:


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      hey Micro-Reefer,

      since you're already BB and overskimming the conversion to a full on zeo tank should be a lot easier. don't let the initial statup costs scare you off, with a small tank it goes a long, long way. If you have a sump you can make a DIY reactor or use something like a phosban reactor. I was running a phosban reactor on my tank but recently changed over to an open top in sump rx, mixing is much easier now.. remember, you have to mix the stones twice a day so you want your reactor easily accessable.

      post any more q's you have..