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  • zeolive

    i got a bottle of this stuff too when i was ordering my supply,anyone uses this?what was your experience?
    i am on my first week of zeo now would using zeolive be good for my tank?

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    I think Zeolive is a product for non-zeo tanks?
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      i was reading the instruction on kz website,it says its good to use in initial stage but no directions,do you turn skimmer off when you use it,how often you use it,any additional info guys?


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        I have no personal experience with the product, but here is a „free“ translation of the product description from the homepage:

        Reduced at continuous usage nitrate and phosphate. ZeoLive is a liquid filter medium which was developed by korallenzucht to start and accelerate certain metabolic procedures in the tank. It reduces in a biological way yellowness and on continuous usage also mulm and small quantities of PO4 and NO3. It can also be used as supplementation with the ZeoVit system, especially in the start up process of the system.

        It has do be dosed in the tank directly:

        If possible the skimmer should be shut down for one hour after the dosage. We recommend the dosage after each water change, also with different kinds of problems with the livestock.

        1000 ml are sufficient for 5000 liters (1315 gallons) water, the quantity can also be doubled in the case of problems.

        Please shake well before use.

        Dosage in continuous use: 3 ml per 100 liters (25 gallons) / daily


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          New product? Anyone using them already?


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            It is available since some years. Nothing really new



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              I have never used it but as Alexander mentioned, it can used used with a new start-up with ZEOvit, but really is not necessary as ZEOvit will clarify our waters quickly & does a much better job of reducing nutrient load. Jason, I see no harm in using both since you have purchased a bottle but would only do the maintenance dosages with ZEOvit, so as not to create too shift in water composition. Bob
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