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new dosage guide needed.

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  • new dosage guide needed.

    i'm back with the product after taken a break for a while.
    gross water= 180 + 40 sump. net maybe= 170 ga.
    ca reactor yes . po reactor last used 2 mo. ago
    no uv, beckett driven skimmer rated 250 ga.
    po4 today= less than .05 ppm (seachem) no3 less than .05 ppm (seachem)
    ca=420, alk=7.0, mg= 1275 i'm running bare bottom
    lights = 3- 400 watt 10k (2 months) 2- 175 10k (12 mo.) 2- 140 vho
    actinic (8 mo). 400's on for 6 hrs 175's for 3 hrs. vho's 12 hrs.
    i have mostly sps, a few zoo colonys.
    tissue colors are mixed dark & light. no problems w/ tissue loss or bleaching.
    we have been running 3 yrs w/ this tank. progressing from 94 with a 20 ga.tank not too much algae problems. just a little hair where the rocks still might be leaching po4. the rocks have been from 11 yrs. up to last yr. 125 lbs of rocks are left in the system down from over 200
    no supplemental dosing. corals are colorful. but could be better
    test kits are up to date. as of yesterday. i have
    dosed 5 drops of bak, 5 drops of zeo food 7, .9 mil start 2 dosed 1/2 at morning & night. 7 drops amino acids
    1 liter of stones running under 100 gal per hr. in a std.
    pump reactor. running continuously
    i'm using 1 cup of carbon passive in sump. temp 76~78
    thanks all.
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    Good to have ya back your dosages look fine with the exception of the quantities of zeolites & carbon, which should be 1 3/4ltrs of zeolites with a flow rate of 175gph, with cycling 3 hr. intervals. Use ~1 3/4 Cups carbon. I highly recommend using K-Z carbon which from my experience had a positive effect on coloration, over my previous carbon. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      thanks bob, so it begins again.
      i have to find a 3/8" check valve!!